Partouche teams up with Porsche to revitalize 911 NFT collection

Partouche teams up with Porsche to revitalize 911 NFT collection

The upcoming collaboration between the Joker Club and Porsche NFTs is exclusively offering a gift to owners of Porsche 911 NFTs.

Joker Club x Porsche NFTs: Boosting the 911 NFT project

The French casino company Partouche, and its subsidiary, Partouche Multiverse, have joined forces with Porsche to broaden their impact in the web3 world through their innovative NFT project called Joker Club. Partouche, which operates 42 casinos, is a strong advocate for blockchain technology and its various uses. In 2022, the group launched the Joker Club NFT collection consisting of 8,888 Jokers on the Ethereum network, showcasing their commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Rephrase heavily: The Joker Club NFT project aims to revitalize the Porsche 911 community, which has faced some challenges recently. Partouche Multiverse has opened its doors to welcome Porsche NFT holders to one of their luxurious hotels, adding real-life benefits to their digital assets. Despite declining sales in the original Porsche NFT project, holders can now enjoy 5 free hotel stays at a Partouche hotel and participate in exclusive 911 dinners at one of their restaurants. All of these benefits are offered for free by Partouche Multiverse and Joker Club.

The Joker Club NFT initiative aims to reinvigorate the Porsche 911 NFT initiative, which was off to a rough start and has experienced some difficulties lately. Partouche Multiverse is offering a real-life experience to Porsche NFT holders by welcoming them to stay at one of their lavish hotels, providing additional value to their digital possessions. 

Accessing the benefits provided by Joker Club is simple for Porsche NFT holders through the official website. Partouche Multiverse’s initial project, the Joker Club NFT initiative, seeks to fortify the Porsche 911 NFT community. With this recent move, the foremost European casino operator is infusing the principles of blockchain with practical use in the real world.

Porsche 911 NFT collection flops 

During Art Basel Miami in November 2022, Porsche announced its plans to release a collection of 7,500 NFTs inspired by the iconic Porsche 911. These NFTs, designed by Hamburg’s renowned designer and 3D artist Patrick Vogel, became available for purchase in January 2023.

The buyers of the NFTs had the chance to personalize their pieces by participating in the design process. They were offered three options, Performance, Lifestyle, or Heritage, to determine the final appearance of their specific NFT.

Porsche’s initial NFT launch in January did not meet expectations, with the collection failing to maintain its issuing value and trading below its initial price within hours of hitting the market. In response to this, Porsche announced plans to reduce the NFT supply and cease minting. This decision was made with the aim of fostering a positive and exclusive experience for its community.

Despite a drop in sales for the original Porsche NFT project, holders now have the opportunity to receive five complimentary hotel stays at a Partouche property and attend exclusive 911 dining events at one of their restaurants. These perks are generously provided without any strings attached by Partouche Multiverse and the Joker Club NFT project.

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