Parallel launches Planetfall expansion: Over 120 new NFT cards

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Parallel launches Planetfall expansion: Over 120 new NFT cards

Parallel Studios, creators of the sci-fi trading card game, announced the release of their first expansion: Planetfall. This expansion introduces more than 120 new NFT cards available in blind packs, ready for trading even before their in-game debut.

Parallel’s first deck expansion

Buyers have a choice among three card bundles. The Player Pack, priced at 0.018 ETH ($32), and the Collectorโ€™s Pack, available for 0.18 ETH ($320), both contain ten cards each. The premium bundle, called Collectorโ€™s Crate, offers 10 Collectorโ€™s Packs amounting to 100 cards and additional perks at the hefty price tag of 1.6 ETH ($2,848).

The game’s mechanics are similar to other popular games like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone, involving players selecting one of five factions, crafting their unique card decks, selecting a “Paragon” as their main playable character card, and engaging in 1v1 battles.

Cards unplayable until 2024

What’s in the card packs remains a surprise. However, the Collectorโ€™s Pack and Crate guarantee the inclusion of “rare” cards. In contrast, the Player Pack offers a blend of common, uncommon, and rare cards.

Parallel launches Planetfall expansion: Over 120 new NFT cards - 1
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While the Planetfall card bundles’ presale kicks off for a select few on October 25, followed by a general presale on October 28, these cards won’t feature in the game until Q1 or Q2 of 2024, the studio shared.


Shift from Base to Ethereum

Notably, unlike the starter deck NFT packs that launched on Coinbaseโ€™s Ethereum scaling network Base, the Planetfall NFT sets will reside on the Ethereum mainnet. This shift translates to higher transaction fees for players but eliminates the need to bridge crypto to the Base network.

Battle pass, new skins, and store

A significant patch awaits players next week. Scheduled for October 30, a patch will introduce a battle pass, fresh cosmetic skins, and new gaming options like emotes and field backs. An in-game store is also on the horizon. Moreover, this update promises enhancements to the game’s visual layout and will automatically feature players’ rarest cards in decks.

Even though Parallel has been beta testing since July, its creators have launched an impressive array of over 1,200 NFT varieties, summing up to nearly 6 million assets. Beyond NFT cards and starter decks, Parallel’s portfolio also boasts an avatar PFP collection. Owning these provides gamers with added perks, like bonus $PRIME, the game’s ERC-20 token, following victories.

Facing tough competition

In the dynamic world of blockchain-based trading card games, Gods Unchained has been a tour de force. With its polished graphics, smooth gameplay, and great expansions, it has rapidly become a paragon in the realm of digital collectible card games.

However, the soaring success of Gods Unchained also validates the market potential for blockchain-based card games. If Parallel can tap into this demand, refine its unique selling points, and continuously engage its player base, there’s room for more than one titan in the world of digital card games.

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