Owner of banned @NFT Instagram account said new dice game with Lil Baby needs $6 million in funding

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Owner of banned @NFT Instagram account said new dice game with Lil Baby needs $6 million in funding

Even though his @NFT account was associated with rugpulls and permanently banned, Aaron Avruskin is promoting a new crypto casino gaming project sponsored by rapper Lil Baby.

Permabanned on Twitter and Instagram

There are many ways people lose money while investing in digital assets. Social media sometimes plays a role in facilitating crypto scams. Erring accounts are sometimes banned by platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

This is exactly what happened to the account @NFT on both Twitter and Instagram. The popular account was handed a permanent ban on Instagram after it was linked to the promotion of shady NFT projects.

The owner of the social media accounts, Aaron Avruskin, is back with a new project, a casino dice game, and is asking investors for funding. He said that up to $6 million is needed to facilitate the launch of Lil Baby’s Crypto Dice Game.

False claims and shady promotions

Avruskin is canvassing for support for a new project despite the controversies that trailed his previous activities on his NFT account. It is rumored that Avruskin charged up to $100,000 to advertise crypto projects, some of which were later confirmed to be rugpulls and scams. His claims that the Shark Tank investor, Mark Cuban, was one of the co-founders of the new project were also proved to be false.

The ban on Instagram was a result of promotions made without disclosures. The new project advertised is a browser-based casino game designed for mobile phones. It is named Rollies and its claimed to have the support of rapper Lil Baby.

A game that appeals to hip-hop culture

The sales pitch for Rollies said:

“Before JPEGs and Shitcoins, and a world removed from the bright lights of Las Vegas and the high roller lifestyle—three dice, a patch of concrete, and a group of individuals bound by their desire for more combined to produce a game that shaped Hip-Hop culture,”

Its whitepaper said that the team has been working on Rollies since January 2022, one month before @NFT was banned by Instagram. Twitter banned @NFT in January 2022, even before the Instagram sanction.

Rollies deck showcases designs of graffiti style fonts with images of Lil Baby and dice. According to the project intro, Rollies will airdrop 50,000-100,000 Lil Baby NFTs in the course of the release of the crypto gambling game. 

Working with known brands

The project pitch said that it has secured the services of Distortedd, the prominent artist whose work includes creations for brands such as Redbull, Adidas, and Reebok. It also stated that Distorted will design the artwork for the game, while the core Rollies game will be handled by game developer, Aquimo. At the time of reporting, Aquimo has neither denied nor admitted the statement.

Another unverified claim is that Rollies is partnering with prominent NFT projects such as Sappy Seals, Pudgy Penguins, Doodles and six others. It said that the partners will be involved in the promotion of Rollies as well as participating in live events hosted by Rollies on Twitter and Discord.

Doodles not involved with Rollies

In response to an enquiry about the validity of the claims, a Doodles representative said:

“Doodles has no involvement in Lil Baby’s upcoming Rollies NFT collection.”

The Rollies roadmap says that the project intends to launch its native token in Q2 and Q3 of 2023. Even though it didn’t name its token, the founders said that it’ll further raise $10-20 million to accomplish this plan.

The roadmap includes a third phase which is termed the Cultural Fund, meant to be used in supporting other projects which was described as having “culturally savvy business acumen and plans.”

Projected income for Rollies

The statement from Rollies said that the project is capable of generating $16 million in 2 years. These are revenues from what was described as wearables and forging NFT drops. It also claims that it’ll generate another $9 million from sponsors and $5 million from royalties and trading of NFTs.

Even though there are unanswered questions about the authenticity of the NFT being promoted by Aaron Avruskin, associates of Lil Baby confirmed that the rapper is working on his NFT. What’s not certain at this point is if he is hand in gloves with the co-founder of the project, Avruskin.

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