Announcing Overdare: New AI-driven NFT game by PUBG creators

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Announcing Overdare: New AI-driven NFT game by PUBG creators

South Korean gaming giant Krafton, renowned for their successful title PUBG, unveiled a new project on Thursday called ‘Overdare’. Promising a creative experience in the NFT gaming realm, Overdare is set to offer a Roblox-like sprawling open-world metaverse.

Powered by Settlus, Krafton’s new blockchain

Originally named Project Migaloo, Overdare’s soft launch is slated for December, with a full release penciled in for the first half of 2024. Settlus, Krafton’s blockchain system, will power the game, marking the company’s deepening involvement in the blockchain space.

The game, crafted with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, will be a mobile-only release. It will provide players with generative AI tools, enabling the creation of shooting, role-playing, platforming, and action games. Plus, players can forge custom avatars and engage through an in-game chat.

Overdare trailer: Showcasing art style and C2E economy

The inaugural teaser showcased an expansive digital world, allowing users to utilize AI-powered tools to design games, attend virtual events, tweak their avatars, and much more.

The unique create-to-earn (C2E) economy is a standout feature of Overdare. Players will have the ability to trade digital assets as NFTs, capitalizing on the transparency and security these crypto tokens ensure.

Players will have the chance to earn via Coinbase and Circle’s USDC, a stablecoin. Unlike fluctuating cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, USDC is designed to be pegged to the U.S. Dollar. This interesting choice of paying out in USDC, instead of a highly volatile in-game token, ensures a steady stream of income for players.

Partnering with Naver Z studio

This project is not just Krafton’s brainchild. Earlier in the year, the game studio announced a collaboration with Naver Z, an augmented reality (AR) specialized in 3D avatars. Krafton possesses an 85% share of Overdare, leaving Naver Z with 15%.

There are, however, some unresolved details. A Medium post from the Settlus team hinted at an upcoming “NFT licensing system,” without providing specifics. The team also highlighted concerns they’re addressing, such as potential mandatory NFTs, item scarcity, and volatile token price issues.

While payouts were confirmed to be in USDC, it is still unclear if Overdare will have its own in-game token issued on the Settlus blockchain.

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