Otherside unveils Legends of the Mara to unleash new voyages

Otherside unveils Legends of the Mara to unleash new voyages

The Yuga Labs-owned metaverse, Otherside, has unveiled the Legend of the Mara game that enlightens voyagers about Kodas, Mara, Vessels, Kodamara, and Otherside metaverse. The game is expected to debut in May.

2D-powered metaverse game

After successfully conducting the Otherside Second Trip, the Yuga Labs created metaverse Otherside has announced the unveiling of Legends of the Mara (LOTM), a game designed to bring new experiences to gamers through its 2D strategy.

The announcement indicates that celestial Odiac will be the driving force of LOTM, and the game’s tenacious 2D capability will enable a voyager to advance owned Mara into Kodamara. It will also farm remains and protect Otherdeed from any developing threats.  

The game powered by ApeCoin will offer new NFT collections to the players and bizarre gaming modes created for Otherdeed holders.

Apart from its exciting features, LOTM is interactive and incorporates Mara and Otherside Koda collections. More comprehensive info about Kodas, such as primeval affiliation with Otherside, is coming soon.

Details of the new game

Enthusiasts can earn a vessel NFT resonating with the number of Otherdeed owned. The vessel encloses a Shade, an essential element for shielding the Otherside. A player can randomly allot any of the three functions provided and have a say on the Mara to appear.

The vessels earned can become Mara and proceed to Kodamara if exposed to the right environment and facilitators.

Otherdeed holders will start claiming vessels in early April to give room for them to reach the incubation period before the ultimate launch of the game.

Future of the gaming industry

Kodas act as key wardens for Otherside with the competency to farm, captivate, and chase at multifaceted power levels better than Mara. Integrating the Kodas into Otherdeed improves its capability to perform its functions. However, the information will be available in future initiations regarding role assignments.

The inauguration of Legends of the Mara’s novel NFT collections and the 2D gaming adventure move the NFT space to another new level. LOTM’s fascination and extensive involvement of gamers gear towards revolutionizing the gaming environment.

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