“Otherside: Legends of Mara” is officially live

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“Otherside: Legends of Mara” is officially live

The journey into Legends of Mara, the first game within the Otherside metaverse, has begun. A wave of excitement rolled through the gaming community as Yuga Labs made the announcement yesterday.

Break on through to the Otherside

The much-anticipated launch beckons owners of Otherdeed NFTs, the key to claiming land in Otherside, into a novel gaming realm. Players will embark on adrenaline-packed quests involving Mara hatching, resource farming, and engaging with menacing creatures, all while having the privilege of gathering mintable items.

With this fresh venture, Yuga Labs invites everyone into the Legends of Mara, an absorbing 2D strategy game nestled within the vast Otherside metaverse. Although Otherside boasts a sprawling 3D gaming cosmos, Legends of the Mara takes a whimsical twist, focusing on a narrative around nurturing NFT creatures.

Virtual real estate breads new life

An aspect garnering attention is the connection between Legends of the Mara and the Otherdeed plots of land. Initially distributed as NFTs, these virtual real estate assets now host beings called Kodas. The quirky fact is these Kodas aren’t permanently shackled to their lands, injecting a dose of unpredictability into the game.

The gameplay revolves around players taking care of Kodas, nurturing them into formidable entities known as Kodamaras. This evolutionary journey isn’t without its challenges, as players are tasked with harvesting a vital resource, named sediment, while defending their lands against ominous forces.

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Source: Legends of Mara Game Guide

What’s whipping up enthusiasm among Otherdeed owners is the assurance that every plot of land gives access to a Vessel, regardless of whether a Koda currently resides on their land. Under certain conditions and catalysts, these Vessels can metamorphose into Mara characters and further evolve into Kodamaras. Although pivotal in guarding the Otherside universe, they won’t rival the might of the original Kodas.

Just the beginning for Legends of Mara

Yuga Labs radiates optimism, vowing to continually refine the Legends of the Mara experience in the ensuing months. The aim is to keep gamers hooked and amply rewarded. As a part of this enduring engagement, players can anticipate a slew of incentives and benefits enriching their in-game escapades.

With the game now live, Otherdeed owners have already begun hatching the enthralling Oda creatures.

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