Oscar the Grouch leaps from Sesame Street to VeVe’s digital marketplace

Oscar the Grouch leaps from Sesame Street to VeVe’s digital marketplace

In a world where nostalgia meets modern technology, the popular digital marketplace VeVe is once again tantalizing fans with its latest offering. The platform, renowned for its premium licensed digital collectibles, is about to drop the newest addition to its Sesame Street NFTs: an animated version of Oscar the Grouch.

A trip down memory lane

This exclusive digital collectible, set to be released on May 27 at 8 AM PT, promises to provide ardent fans with an innovative way to cherish their beloved television characters.

This isn’t the first time VeVe has capitalized on the enduring popularity of the iconic children’s show Sesame Street. The upcoming Oscar the Grouch NFT is part of a series, a follow-up to the successful Cookie Monster drop. These NFTs allow fans to immerse themselves in a modern and interactive display of affection for their favorite characters. 

The fusion of nostalgic charm and cutting-edge technology offers collectors an exciting new avenue to appreciate the timeless charm of Sesame Street.

Meet Oscar the Grouch

The limited-edition Oscar the Grouch NFT is far from just another digital collectible. It meticulously captures the essence of the grumpy character, featuring him emerging from a trash can, and yes, it even includes his memorable catchphrases. The uniqueness of this digital item, coupled with an edition size of only 4,444, ensures it will be a sought-after addition for both fans and collectors alike.

The NFT can be procured via the VeVe app or the VeVe Web App for $60, which is equivalent to 60 In-App Gems. This fusion of fandom and technology allows Sesame Street enthusiasts to display their love for the show in an engaging and modern manner.

VeVe and environmental responsibility

VeVe’s commitment doesn’t stop at providing fans with innovative collectibles. The platform is also fervently dedicated to environmental sustainability. They boast the commendable achievement of ensuring that all digital collectibles on their platform are 100% carbon neutral. This highlights the company’s responsibility towards not just the fanbase but also the world at large.

In summary, the launch of Oscar the Grouch NFT follows on the heels of the inaugural Sesame Street NFT, which featured Cookie Monster. The co-founder of VeVe revealed that this is only the beginning of an exciting series of digital collectibles featuring the beloved characters from Sesame Street. Fans and collectors can, therefore, look forward to reliving their cherished childhood memories in a modern, interactive, and environmentally friendly way.

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