Orlando Museum of Art will feature NFTs in its upcoming exhibition

Orlando Museum of Art will feature NFTs in its upcoming exhibition

The Orlando Museum of Art has announced that its exhibitions will now feature non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The January 15 announcement said the new exhibition would feature Fabio Sandoval’s collections called “Twentysomethings”.

A platform to showcase the works of various artists

The Orlando Museum of Art, based in Florida, is organizing an exhibition to showcase works of art on a medium built on relatively new technology. The museum said that the exhibition would be a platform where renowned and upcoming artists could exhibit their works.

Twentysomethings will feature works on several mediums, which the museum said are primarily figurative. The mediums include oil on canvas, wood, found objects, textiles, cement, spray-painted steel, and digital works of art in the form of NFTs.

The Twentysomethings exhibition at the Orlando Museum of Art opens on Saturday, January 27, and will last until May 7.

Artists from diverse backgrounds

The exhibition has been captioned to reflect the collection of Fabio Sandoval, a private curation of the twenty-five-year-old that spanned six years in making.

The release by the museum said that the participating artists are from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. It said that the NFT collections featured in the exhibition are also from different communities and include the digital collections of Micah Johnson, a former baseball player that is now actively making NFTs.

“As museum curators, it is our responsibility to be aware of new developments in the art world, including what is happening in the Metaverse.” said Coralie Claeysen-Gleyzon, the curator at Orlando Museum of Art. 

Rising interest in art NFTs

Interest in NFTs soared after 2021 when Beeple sold an NFT art piece for $69 million. The series, which took years to complete, practically changed the perception of art lovers, creators, and collectors alike. According to Mike Winkleman, the Wisconsin-based artist also known as Beeple:

“NFTs have become the “canvases of a living, breathing document that changes over time,” 

In November, Beeple made headlines by selling its WENEW and 10KTF NFT collections to Yuga Labs, the brand behind Cryptopunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Beeple has also been hired as an advisor at Yuga Labs, sharing his art expertise and consultant services with the NFT company.

Many young artists in their twenties

One interesting feature of the planned twentysomethings by the Orlando Museum of Art is that most of the NFTs to be exhibited are the works of artists who are mostly in their twenties. This is the first time NFTs will feature in the museum’s exhibition.

The release said that NFTs had revolutionized the art world from the point of view of the creators and collectors. It stated that artists can now market their works to collectors worldwide without involving ‘gatekeepers’, such as curators and gallerists who had hitherto been the mediators between the customers and the creators.

“This unmediated connection between the creator and the consumer of art is fascinating, along with the fact that NFTs provide ironclad provenance, a deed of ownership, and provable scarcity to the digital artwork.”

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