Optimism set to launch an NFT to represent User Identity across the ecosystem

Optimism set to launch an NFT to represent User Identity across the ecosystem

Optimism has confirmed the launch of Optimism NFT. The NFT is a customizable profile image that people can use to symbolize a user identity throughout the Optimism ecosystem. Most importantly, the NFT owners cannot transfer the Optimism NFTs. Each address can only mint one.

Understanding the Optimism NFT

Optimist NFT is one of the first apps built using AttestationStation, an Optimism-deployed reputation contract. The AttestationStation is a data source open to anyone building a reputation. The reputation layer can be accessed by anyone and offers qualitative evidence regarding community actors, generating an invaluable ecosystem data repository.

Optimists can also generate millions of distinct NFT combinations, and there are other thematic sets, each of which tells a different part of the Optimism story. In addition, the Optimist ecosystem intends to add other qualities to the Optimist NFTs in the near future. 

Engagement in the Optimism ecosystem and reputation will allow users to unlock new qualities. Most intriguingly, users can edit the Optimist NFTs. Users must ensure, however, that during the initial phases of the Optimist NFT rollout they use the same device on which they minted the NFT, so it can be verified that traits are turned up accurately.

Blockchain and crypto devs have created the NFTs to be issued one per address. There is no restriction on the number of NFTs available. The Optimist NFT is completely configurable. Individuality and self-expression get revered in the City of Optimism.

Consequently, anyone eligible to mint can choose any of the unlocked qualities. In the near future, people will be able to acquire new qualities based on your contribution to the Optimism ecosystem!

Optimism’s operation reflects how it ensures the efficient utilization of resources for completing computation jobs. While the Layer 2 solution retains a simplified form of transaction data on the Ethereum blockchain, they have access to the remaining data and computation necessary for executing transactions. Optimistic rollups, such as Optimism, adhere to a premise that suggests the inherent validity of all batches of transactions.

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Source: Optimism

Details of the upcoming launch

The Optimist NFTs are currently in beta, and only voters in the second round of Retroactive Public Goods Funding can mint tokens. Some hundred active addresses will be asked to mint each month beginning in early 2023. Eventually, Optimist NFTs will be publicly available for minting and customization as the Optimism Collective expands to accommodate the whole crypto community.

Optimism’s most recent tweets indicate that reputation is essential for creating blockchains non-plutocratic and human-centered. Unlocking the full potential of crypto requires a transparent and interoperable reputation solution.

This is their initial attempt at the reputation and an open invitation to anyone interested in resolving one of crypto’s most pressing issues. Because of this, the Optimism team is ecstatic to be a part of a larger community that addresses identity as a public benefit.

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