Opensea Pro thriving since launch; transaction analysis shows

Opensea Pro thriving since launch; transaction analysis shows

Data analysis indicates the newly launched Opensea Pro is beating Blur in some parameters associated with NFT aggregators. 

Blur’s daily addresses increasing speedily

According to incoming reports, Opensea Pro, the superior of Opensea, launched just a few days ago and overtook Blur in some significant metrics. 

Based on recently acquired statistics, this marketplace has seen a massive surge in volumes of transactions and addresses involved. In some vital marketplace metrics, Opensea Pro is beating Blur.

Since its launch earlier this April, the number of transactions has immensely surged on the Opensea Pro platform. From recording less than 100 new addresses per day, Opensea Pro began recording as high as 1.8k new addresses per day. 

Most of the daily new addresses have been surpassing 1k based on Dune analytics. The number of active daily addresses also seemingly increased. The numbers have been able to surge beyond the 3.5k mark. It is in the address numbers that Opensea Pro is beating Blur.

Further statistics indicate that the daily USD volumes in Opensea Pro have vastly increased. Opensea Pro recorded transaction volumes of over $3 million daily for the first time this year. Most of the network’s daily transaction volumes have increased beyond the $2.5 million mark.

Blur hysteria

Over the past few months, Blur has been dominant regarding daily volumes associated with NFT. It displaced Opensea almost immediately after the start of the year.

Opensea Pro thriving since launch; transaction analysis shows - 1

NFT marketplace daily volumes data | Source: Dune analytics

However, the statistics from the past few days have been telling a completely different story. Opensea Pro is challenging Blur for the top spot. In fact, on April 7, the daily volumes of Opensea Pro and Blur were almost the same, but with the latter leading. 

The war between NFT marketplaces Blur and Opensea began at the start of the year, with Opensea looking like the loser. Blur’s dominance made many major projects choose the marketplace to list their NFTs. There were reports of lots of wash trading going on in the marketplace. However, the emergence of Opensea Pro brings a fighting chance for Opensea.

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