OpenSea introduces its first private beta program

OpenSea introduces its first private beta program

OpenSea has just introduced its OpenSea Private Beta Program that will allow its first members to aid in testing new features and assist in making a bug-free experience, giving prizes to top critiques.

OpenSea’s private beta program

OpenSea officially introduced its Private Beta Program, which begins this month, confirmed through a tweet from the OpenSea Twitter account. The program will allow interaction of active users, both NFT developers and other enthusiasts. Participants will be part of the testing phase to forge a bug-free user experience before the formal launch. The program will be open for members to sign up until the 10th of February.

Moreover, this beta program will give participants early access to new features. This program aims to create a seamless and error-free program by executing top critiques from the Beta Program’s top participants. Also, these top feedback providers stand a chance to win prizes for their comments on the program. 

The proprietary opt-in window is open till the 10th of February 2023, after which the window will be closed, and Private Beta will be locked down. As such, NFT enthusiasts are encouraged to sign up for the Private Beta Testing program as soon as possible to secure a spot on the program. You can sign in to the program here.

The sign-in allows the program participants access to ongoing announcements and the new features of the Private Beta Program. The platform will send comprehensive, detailed instructions on how to use these new features. Afterward, they will provide each participant with a form where they will express feedback on the program experience. They can also provide enhancement ideas to improve the initial program design and provide solutions to complex issues currently present in the OpenSea Private Beta Program. 

The feedback recorded are pathways for the engineering team to follow in fixing bugs and finalizing the program before its launch. These refined new experiences aim at ensuring a better experience for its users after its launch, as such benefiting from the initial participants’ experiences. It’s important to be among the first participants since the program will run for the next four days until the 10th, after which no new member sign-up will be allowed. It will be a simple and streamlined process since the OpenSeas team will be in touch with the program participants providing guidelines on how to employ the new features provided. 

OpenSea green sales

The recent analysis explains OpenSea’s rise in NFT sales as it exited December’s sales in January. OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace, has seen sores in Non-Fungible Token sales, including Ethereum NFTs, with over $320 million worth of sales. That significant rise surpassed December’s $283 million Ethereum NFT sales last year. 

However, last year’s bear market affected the OpenSea market regardless of making over $4.86 billion in NFT sales in early January 2022. This year’s current sore in Ethereum NFT sales shows promise towards OpenSea, the leading Non-Fungible Token marketplace. The Private Beta Program will provide a better user experience after its launch, proving its promising future in handling and trading NFTs and transforming the Fintech landscape.

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