One Cool Group’s “Warrior of Future” Movie And NFTs Put Company On The Map

One Cool Group’s “Warrior of Future” Movie And NFTs Put Company On The Map

The December 2 release of the sci-fi movie “Warriors of Future” has boosted the reputation of Asian producers. The movie, by the Hong Kong-based One Cool Group, was ranked top 5 on Netflix just 48 hours after its release.

High Budget Movie of Industry-Leading Effects

Apart from the outstanding performance in the Flixpatrol ranking, the movie has made a record as the highest-grossing movie in Hong Kong. Perhaps this is a reflection of the $56 million that the company shelled out to make the movie.

This budget, which was unprecedented in Hong Kong’s movie industry, paid off and enabled the company to reap $109.8 million following the debut of “Warriors of Future” in Mainland China and Hong Kong. The groundbreaking movie was made in 6 years and boasted of some of the latest innovations and industry-leading effects that the makers perfected within the period of production.

The movie was made by Louis Koo, a top Hong Kong movie maker with more than 100 movies in his name. Koo, a veteran in the industry, launched One Cool Group, the company behind Warriors of Future, in 2013. He decided to create his own company after 19 years of making movies in the local industry of Hong Kong.

“Warriors of Future” stars Sean Lau, Carina Lau, and Koo. The movie ranks among the best in the sci-fi genre from the Asian movie industry and is now featured on Netflix’s impressive collection. Although the movie was originally made in the Chinese language, an English version of the movie will also be released soon. This will make it available to a wider global audience.

“From an early age and throughout my film career, I have always wondered when we can produce a sci-fi film that is original to Asia,” – Louis Koo, Executive Producer of “Warriors of Future” and founder of One Cool Group. 

Restoring Past Glory of the Hong Kong Movie Industry

Koo said that he was excited that the vision of releasing a top-class sci-fi movie has been realized and that the movie is poised to become a global success. He highlighted the potential impact of “Warrior of Future” in the renaissance of the Hong Kong movie industry.

 “I’m proud and thrilled that this has been realized. With “Warriors of Future” screening on Netflix and reaching beyond Asia to an international audience, it’s a step towards the goal of reactivating the glory years of Hong Kong cinema,” said Koo.

He said that his vision in making “Warriors of Future” was to showcase what the Hong Kong movie industry is capable of accomplishing with first-class CGI and production values. He added that One Cool Group will continue on the path of becoming an international force within the Web3 and entertainment space by pushing the limits of technology and innovation.

Breaking Regional Barriers in Motion Picture Effects

Warriors of Future owes its success to its brilliant futuristic setting, breaking the notion that sci-fi movies cannot be made in the region due to the technical challenges and cost of making such movies. 

Warrior of Future, the champion of the sci-fi genre in Asia, is the most visual-effect-packed movie made in Hong Kong. The producers did a good job with computer-generated imagery. The movie’s storyline of saving the planet is another attractive feature that puts it on the pedestal of a blockbuster.

With Warrior of Future set to be aired internationally on Netflix, One Cool Group has evolved to a top player in the movie industry from a local operator known only in Hong Kong over a decade ago. The company recently opened offices outside Hong Kong in its expansion drive. It is also working with Sony Animation on some projects for Hollywood. Among such Hollywood movies are “Vivo” and “The Mitchells vs. the Machines”. The latter was nominated for an Oscar in 2022.

“Warrior of Future” NFTs

In August 2022, the company launched “Warriors of Future” collectibles. These are non-fungible tokens made in conjunction with Gusto Collectible, an Asian branding technology company. The NFT built on the Ethereum platform gives holders access to unlock possibilities in the entertainment industry.

A release by OneCool said this about the Web3 project:

“This debut NFT collection provides the spark for a global OneCool community that will empower Entertainment and Movie IPs through Web3 integration.”

The platform has also released the first batch in the series of expected 10,000 3D avatars. These depict futuristic warriors that holders can swap for weapons, body armor, helmets, and other collectibles in the NFT marketplace. They also give holders access to experience combat in the Warriors of Future mobile game.

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