One Championship partners with Animoca Brands to release web3 fighting game

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One Championship partners with Animoca Brands to release web3 fighting game

One Fight Arena, a mobile strategy fighting game based on the growing sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), is being developed by Animoca Brands and One Championship, the second-largest MMA organization in the world.

Mixing the Martial Arts on the Blockchain

One Championship, the largest MMA organization in Asia, is partnering with Notre Game, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, to develop a free-to-play mobile game called One Fight Arena.

One Fight Arena will incorporate NFTs, providing players with verifiable authenticity and character rarity statistics. The release is scheduled for early 2024, with initial player testing to commence later this year.

In the game, athletes will be transformed into NFTs, and players will take on a first-person point of view to engage in strategic gameplay. The game will showcase One Championship’s diverse roster of fighters and provide a simulation of each fighter’s career journey, starting from the very beginning.

Hua Fung Teh, co-founder and Group President of One Championship, declared that the upcoming game would offer MMA enthusiasts a fresh gaming experience.

The game is being designed with Web3 components, and according to Yat Siu, Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, it will allow fans of the world’s biggest martial arts association to immerse themselves in an innovative gaming experience that is centered around true digital ownership.

Utilizing blockchain technology, the game will furnish players with NFTs that can be owned for a lifetime, fostering a sense of ownership and creating a trading market. In addition, the game will allow players to delve into the fighting careers of each athlete, beginning from the very start.

Gaining ground against the UFC

One Championship’s greatest rival, the UFC, already has large partnerships in the crypto space, including sponsorships from and VeChain. With the new partnership with Animoca Brands, One Championship will also be competing with the UFC in the blockchain space.

A booming industry in Asia

In light of forecasts that Asia may ultimately commandeer 80% of the Web3 gaming market, the game is being created at a time when the region is becoming a significant market for Web3 games. This view has been reiterated by industry insiders in recent months.

Scheduled to debut in the early months of 2024, One Fight Arena is slated to kick off preliminary player trials later this year. With distinct traits such as NFTs and blockchain technology in tow, the game is anticipated to garner a substantial following, especially among the MMA community.

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