OKX Wallet and Avive usher in Cryptopedia Season 9: A new season of NFT rewards awaits

OKX Wallet and Avive usher in Cryptopedia Season 9: A new season of NFT rewards awaits

OKX Wallet announced the release of Season 9 of Cryptopedia, a learn-to-earn platform, in collaboration with AVIVE. This initiative will put up for claim 4,310 NFTs, providing users with a unique blend of education and rewards.

Cryptopedia Season 9

Cryptopedia Season 9 marks the return of OKX‘s awaited lear-to-earn program. This season introduces a set of interactive quests involving five DApps, allowing participants to immerse themselves in an enriching learn-to-earn journey. As a bonus, the Avive Daily Check-in feature in the OKX Wallet offers users the opportunity to claim 2 $VV tokens every day.

Avive, a Universal Basic Income (UBI) project, leverages the Proof of Networking Protocol to authenticate human users, ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of resources. The Avive app simplifies the process of claiming airdrops through user-friendly interactions.

Cryptopedia Season 9: Avive
OKX Wallet Season 9: Avive. Source: X Platform

Join the adventure today

Joining Cryptopedia Season 9 is straightforward and accessible to all. Users need to ensure they have the latest version of the OKX App, create or import a wallet, and navigate to the Discover tab to begin their adventure in Cryptopedia: Learn to Earn.

Season 9 is centered around the Avive theme, and participants can choose from a variety of DApps to interact with. Upon completion of a quest, a short verification process unlocks the potential for NFT rewards.

The event spans from November 16th to November 30th, 2023, and features five DApp interactive quests: OKX DEX, OKX NFT, OKX DeFi, OKX Discover, and the Avive Quiz. Each quest is tailored to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience, with the added excitement of potentially winning NFTs through a block hash random drawing.

Avive. Source: X Platform

Rewards awaiting

Season 9 of Cryptopedia isn’t just about learning; it’s about exploring the ecosystem and getting rewarded for using different web3 products. A total of 4,310 users who successfully complete and verify the quests will be chosen at random to receive an array of NFTs. These include Genesis NFTs, New Moon NFTs, Avive Vibe NFTs, and Profile NFTs, each offering unique benefits like mining boosts, early competitive advantages, and enhanced gaming experiences.

The Avive Daily Check-in feature further enriches the experience, allowing users to accumulate $VV tokens, which are recorded by Avive and distributed according to the project team’s rules.

With a user-friendly approach, significant rewards, and the promise of an enriching experience, this partnership between OKX Wallet and Avive is set to revolutionize how we interact with digital assets and blockchain technology. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exciting journey – dive into Cryptopedia Season 9 and discover the endless possibilities that await!

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