OKX partners with BendDAO for wallet integration

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OKX partners with BendDAO for wallet integration

OKX Wallet, the second-largest crypto trading platform, forged a strategic alliance with BendDAO, a forerunner in NFT lending, and with two GameFi projects – Petobots and Bitstar War. This cooperative endeavor aims to elevate the Web3 ecosystem while enhancing liquidity and creating dynamic user experiences in the NFT and gaming spaces.

Partnerships that drive the future

The most recent alliance is forged between OKX Wallet – the globe’s second-largest crypto trading platform and a formidable force in Web3 technology – and BendDAO, an influential pioneer in NFT lending with a formidable total value locked (TVL) of USD$160 million, thereby building a robust framework for decentralized financial operations.

This joint venture weaves OKX Wallet’s web extension into BendDAO’s user interface, creating a seamless navigational experience. Users now have the liberty to directly tap into BendDAO‘s groundbreaking on-chain NFT lending service through the gateway of OKX Wallet’s Discover platform.

This comprehensive hub houses an extensive selection of leading DeFi initiatives, blockchain gaming, DEXs, NFTs, and auxiliary tools, providing users with a panoramic view of the blockchain universe and the power to explore its newest advancements at their convenience.

What does the collaboration offer to users?

The collaboration offers users an array of features, including on-the-spot NFT-backed loans, collateral listings, and NFT down payments. Additionally, users can secure up to 40% of the floor value of a listing before sale completion and purchase listings with a mere 60% down payment. With this innovative partnership, both BendDAO and OKX Wallet stand poised to inject a robust impetus into the NFT liquidity ecosystem, thus catalyzing the growth of the Web3 network.

But OKX Wallet isn’t stopping at BendDAO. It’s concurrently bringing on board two GameFi projects: Petobots and Bitstar War, both of which are now fully integrated with OKX Wallet, with additional functionalities forthcoming.

Petobots leverages NFT technology, enabling gamers to create unique robots and pit them against fellow competitors in a virtual battlefield. In contrast, Bitstar War lets players gather and trade digital spaceships in a crypto-forward universe, branding itself as the first interstellar blockchain game themed around Bitcoin mining.

A roadmap that aims to fulfill a mission

These partnerships underscore OKX Wallet’s commitment to accelerating the GameFi industry’s growth, providing users with an expanded range of interactive, engaging, and potentially lucrative blockchain-based games.

In undertaking this strategic alliance, OKX Wallet reiterates its unwavering commitment to nurturing a lively and agile Web3 environment while consistently placing its users at the vanguard of the decentralized universe.

Earlier this week, OKX had already unveiled a distinctive marketing strategy targeting mainstream media. This saw the creation and distribution of an NFT to celebrate Manchester City’s triumphant win in the Champions League, a maneuver that bridges the gap between traditional sports fandom and the novel world of crypto assets. The company also recently partnered with McLaren to push the web3 movement into movies and sports.

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