OKX collaborates with Rúben Dias to launch a metaverse training experience

OKX collaborates with Rúben Dias to launch a metaverse training experience

OKX and Rúben Dias announced a collaboration to bring training experience into the metaverse. 

OKX-Rúben Dias collaboration

The interaction between the sports industry and blockchain technology continues to grow as more teams and players enter the web3 landscape. The latest sports star associated with web3 is Rúben Dias, a Manchester City player.

In a press statement released on April 3, the OKX crypto exchange announced a collaboration with Rúben Dias. The collaboration gives birth to a metaverse training experience named ‘Train Like Dias.’

Based on the statement, this collaboration allows fans to learn from Dias’ training techniques. The fan can enjoy watching both playing and coaching skills from Dias.

The reports indicate that this experience will be available through the OKX Collective metaverse.

On the OKX Collective metaverse, fans will explore more about the personal interests of the players. Furthermore, the press statement notes that training content and music will be available directly via the OKX Collective. 

Participants in this metaverse will get chances to win prizes, including match tickets and a pass to team training.

Aside from Diaz, others collaborating with OKX include Ikay Gundogun, Jack Grealish, and Alex Greenwood. When addressing the partnership, Rúben Dias said:

“The OKX Collective is a unique way to bring fan interactions to the next level. Through the metaverse, we can give fans across the globe a glimpse into how I prepare for matchday and maybe how they can improve their own game.”

The CMO at OKX, Haider Rafique, notes that the network also plans to introduce special experiences for Grealish, Alex Greenwood, and Gundogun.

Manchester City’s interest in web3

The sporting industry has recently been increasingly adopting the metaverse and web3 projects. Manchester City has been one of the sporting teams to explore web3. OKX will be sponsoring training kits for Manchester City. 

Earlier this year, reports emerged that Man City was planning to enter the metaverse. The reports indicated that this football club partnered with Sony for the metaverse.

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