OKX adds Bitcoin Ordinals to its NFT Marketplace

OKX adds Bitcoin Ordinals to its NFT Marketplace

In a groundbreaking move for the NFT market and Bitcoin mining industry, OKX – the second largest crypto exchange by trading volume – has recently announced the integration of Bitcoin Ordinals onto their OKX Wallet and OKX NFT Marketplace platforms.

Another breakthrough for Bitcoin NFTs

By integrating Bitcoin ordinals into their platform, OKX has taken the lead as the first multi-chain platform to support this cutting-edge capability. With this integration, users are now able to view and transfer Bitcoin ordinals within the platform. Moreover, the OKX NFT Marketplace is set to go a step further and allow its users to mint and trade ordinals on the platform in the near future.

Bitcoin ordinals, which are digital assets inscribed on the lowest denomination of a Bitcoin called Satoshi, were made possible by the 2021 Bitcoin protocol upgrade known as “Taproot.” With the integration of Bitcoin ordinals on the OKX Wallet and NFT Marketplace, it is expected that the Bitcoin NFT market will become more accessible and user-friendly, potentially leading to increased adoption and usage.

Users of the OKX Wallet can now conveniently import their BTC wallets and view their Bitcoin ordinals through a unified wallet, eliminating the need for separate management via a Bitcoin-only wallet. At present, the browser extension supports BTC taproot addresses, with the mobile version set to follow suit shortly.

OKX – Setting industry standards

Last month, the OKX NFT Marketplace introduced Bitcoin Punks NFTs, which permitted users to purchase ordinals using ETH. In the near future, the platform will add the functionality of minting and trading ordinals, which will make it more accessible for users to create, buy, and sell ordinals at a lower cost.

The CEO of OKX, Hong Fang, excitedly shared the news with the community on Twitter. Fang stated that OKX is working to bring various ordinals features to the OKX Wallet and that the integration of Bitcoin ordinals is only the start. Additionally, Fang noted that “12 years ago today, Satoshi Nakamoto sent their last message.”

According to OKX’s Chief Marketing Officer, Haider Rafique, the company needed to act quickly to welcome the ordinals community and offer a convenient method to store, manage, and soon mint ordinals within their wallet services. Rafique expressed his desire that the integration would entice more individuals to experiment with this novel utility and uncover new possibilities on top of Bitcoin.

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