Odyssey Reignited offers Arbitrum users custom NFT badges

Odyssey Reignited offers Arbitrum users custom NFT badges

The grand return of the Arbitrum Odyssey heralds a seven-week adventure beginning tomorrow. This excursion will take participants through significant protocols within the Arbitrum ecosystem, offering an opportunity to collect free non-fungible token (NFT) badges crafted by Ratwell and frens.

Reigniting Arbitrum

The Odyssey focuses on engaging participants in 13 varied projects present within Arbitrum, one of the most used layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum.

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Source: Arbitrum Blog

Each week unveils new missions, challenging individuals to delve deeper and learn what the ecosystem has to offer. The tasks range from employing a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) application to conquering a game, each offering a unique badge as a token of accomplishment.

NFT Badges

A total of sixteen custom NFT badges are up for grabs, serving as cherished markers of progress through the specified tasks. Thirteen of these are tied to the projects’ missions, one for those who partook in the original bridge week, one for those who utilized the Hop Protocol during bridge week, and an exclusive badge for those managing to collect 12 out of the 15 badges.

The first mission starts tomorrow and is related to GMX, a pioneer decentralized perpetual exchange.

Arbitrum Portal

A significant aspect of this reinvention is the complete overhaul of the Arbitrum Portal, which now stands as a central hub for all information regarding the Odyssey. The updated portal aims to provide a seamless journey through the missions, keeping enthusiasts updated on the week-by-week unfolding of events.

Previous Odyssey

The Arbitrum Odyssey isn’t a new narrative. Its initial iteration was launched a year ago, offering users a chance to dive into the Arbitrum ecosystem projects, with exclusive NFTs by Ratwell & Sugoi as a reward.

However, a snag hit during the second week when network congestion, caused by a high user count, led to a pause in the Odyssey until the Arbitrum One had its Nitro upgrade, significantly enhancing the chain’s capacity.

The pause was a chance for reflection and optimization. The overarching goal remained to introduce new users to the Arbitrum ecosystem, a goal that saw great success in its initial run. This success became a catalyst for reigniting the Odyssey, ensuring the teams involved and community members get the exposure and experience initially intended.

The revised Odyssey comes with a slight twist; unlike the earlier token airdrop, this time, it’s all about collecting badges upon mission completion. No additional rewards are on the table, yet the excitement lies in the expedition itself and the badges to be earned.

As participants advance through the missions, badges claimed can be viewed on their OpenSea profile, a digital keepsake of their journey through the Arbitrum ecosystem.

For those who had ventured on the Odyssey before its pause, a provision has been made to claim badges reflecting their previous involvement. Those who utilized Hop Protocol during the original bridge week can claim their badge immediately.

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