OASYX announces a new collection of Virtua Fighter NFTs

OASYX announces a new collection of Virtua Fighter NFTs

OASYX, an NFT project developed on the Oasys gaming blockchain and published by double jump.tokyo, has unveiled an exclusive collaboration with SEGA’s renowned 3D fighting game franchise, Virtua Fighter. The unique partnership will encompass the first three games of the franchise and will be supervised by Yu Suzuki, the esteemed creator of Virtua Fighter and an award-winning figure in the gaming industry.

SEGA fans will rejoice

2023 is shaping up to be a good year for fans of fighting games, with Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 12, and Tekken 8 all scheduled for release. To add the cherry on top of the cake, Virtua Fighter, a long-standing franchise from gaming giant SEGA, will soon be releasing its own NFT collection.

As an integral part of the collaboration, fans will have the opportunity to obtain exclusive limited-edition “VF MAYU” NFTs. These NFTs, which will include unique Virtua Fighter characters, will be incubated and unveiled only in April.

Out of the total 10,000 minted NFTs, only a rare 1,000 will be available for purchase as part of the inaugural series.

Eleven characters from the first three Virtua Fighter games will be featured in the range of NFTs. These characters will be seamlessly integrated into OASYX’s creative worlds, offering an exclusive and thrilling experience for both new and longtime Virtua Fighter fans.

Virtua Fighter’s creator is enthusiastic about the project

Yu Suzuki, the acclaimed creator of Virtua Fighter, has shared his excitement about the collaboration. He recalled developing Virtua Fighter with innovative 3D computer graphics technology during his tenure as director at SEGA.

The game has since grown in popularity, winning over numerous fans who continue to support it today. Suzuki expressed his thrill at supervising the development of OASYX’s unique worldview and merging it with blockchain-based NFTs to create innovative entertainment for a diverse audience of gaming enthusiasts.


Exclusive access to the “VF MAYU” NFTs will be available solely on the Oasys gaming blockchain, specifically created to support gaming and NFTs.

For over a year, the OASYX project has been in development, with a strong focus on providing immersive and interactive experiences for gamers. The OASYX team consists of experienced game developers, blockchain experts, and NFT creators who are all driven by their passion for merging gaming and blockchain technology.

According to Masaru Ohnogi, the CEO of double jump.tokyo, the collaboration with Virtua Fighter marks a major milestone for the OASYX project. He emphasized that OASYX remains committed to pursuing new collaborations and partnerships to deliver unique experiences for gamers.

The announcement of the collaboration between OASYX and Virtua Fighter has created a buzz on social media, with enthusiasts expressing their excitement about the upcoming NFT release. Fans of Virtua Fighter have already started speculating about the potential characters that will be included in the “VF MAYU” NFTs and the impact they could have on the gaming world.

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