NounsDAO approves proposal for an animated film

NounsDAO approves proposal for an animated film

NounsDAO, a web3 native community, has approved a plan to produce an animated movie with its NFT characters. A $125,000 budget will be allocated to the project, developed in several tale acts. 

NounsDAO pays attention to an animated film

NounsDAO has approved a proposal to produce an animated movie with its NFT characters. The strategic outline portrays a budget of $125,000. Notably, the Nouns DAO is the primary governing body of Nouns and is based on a fork of compound governance. 

All ETH revenue generated by the daily noun auctions is sent to the NounsDAO treasury. Nouns can vote and assign their vote to another person. One noun equals one vote.

To submit proposals, you must hold a minimum of one noun. Members of Nouns can propose plot arcs and suggestions for the following chapters. The approval of further creative projects has expanded the NounsDAO ecosystem.

The proposal joins forces with Atrium, a community of independent web3 artists and creators, to “consequentially generate a series of episodic material via subsequent proposals. According to Atrium, “Nouns: A Movie” will be produced in several plot acts that may be combined to “form the first feature-length cinematic content presenting Nouns to the world.”

The ArtBall NFT collection will debut in December

In a press statement, Atrium stated that they have yet to observe other genuinely decentralized enterprises demonstrating this dedication to creating high-quality features. Atrium creatives William Yu, HKJay, Zen Doubt, 3DPrint Man, and Meta Ent will assist with the film’s writing, production, and animation.

The proposal stated that the pilot would be made public in 90 days, during which point the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) would determine whether or not to continue supporting the project.

Recently, a short film by Atrium’s 3DPrintGuy was made with funding from an earlier NounsDAO application. There were collectible NFTs made of all the key characters from the short.

Recently, the NounsDAO community supported further artistic endeavors to diversify its ecosystem. Last month, the company developed a series in cooperation with NFT community ComicsDAO and comic book publisher Titan Comics. In December, the second ArtBall NFT collection from the Australian Open tennis competition will be made available thanks to a partnership between NounsDAO, OnCyber, and Vayner Sports Pass.

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