Nissan files four Web3 trademarks to test sales in the metaverse

Nissan files four Web3 trademarks to test sales in the metaverse

Nissan, a renowned Japanese car brand, recently filed four new Web3 trademarks in the metaverse. The aim is to test sales within the metaverse. The filing was made specifically for the Infiniti, Nismo, and Nissan brands.

How did the trademark applications work?

Some car manufacturers have embraced NFTs and are embarking on a journey toward the metaverse. Nissan is now one of those brands, as the Japanese car market recently filed four different new Web3-related trademarks in the US.

The trademark applications were filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office on 7 March. They indicate that Nissan will be experimenting with vehicle sales in the Metaverse.

What are the real intentions of the Japanese car brand Nissan?

Nissan does not only intend to sell cars in the metaverse, as the company’s intentions go far beyond its car manufacturing activities. According to the latest information, documents filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office reveal other plans, including:

  • Creation of virtual clothing;
  • Designing headgear;
  • Designing trading cards;
  • Making toys for children;
  • Car manufacturing.

In addition, the brand also wants to create banknotes and a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

What other services does Nissan intend to create in the metaverse?

In the press release, the company also presented other plans for various services. The company has planned metaverse advertising services. It also presented other services related to the world of entertainment:

  • Tickets;
  • Online videos;
  • Music;
  • Images;
  • Sounds;
  • Illustrations.

Nissan also wants to create a website containing data on NFTs. On this site, there will be news and educational material about NFTs. According to the dossier, there are also plans to create digital wallets.

The various tests of the Nissan car brand in the metaverse

Recently, the car brand Nissan announced that it was conducting a series of demonstration experiments. These tests took place in its virtual shop ‘Nissan Hype Lab’ over a period of three months. The company says it studied, consulted, tested, and purchased Nissan vehicles in the metaverse. 

It also says it has been looking at new ways to sell its cars. The tests will soon be made public and will be conducted with customers. They will run from 8 March to 30 June in the metaverse. The experiments will allow customers to visit the showcase 24 hours a day. To do so, they will only need to use their smartphone or computer. 

In the metaverse, customers can create their own personalized avatars and interact with virtual salespeople. It will be a virtual sales office where customers can do everything. They will be able to order a car and finalize purchase contracts.

In October 2022, the Nissan brand filed five different trademark applications for certain car models. These are its most important vehicle models, including the GTR, Z, and Skyline. In doing so, it has prompted other car brands to show interest in NFT-related filings.

Automotive giant Porsche has released its own NFT collection, which ended up flopping, and General Motors has applied for trademarks for its Cadillac and Chevrolet brands. There is also American car manufacturer Ford Motor Company, which has been preparing for its entry into the world of NFTs and the metaverse since September 2022. 

To conclude, automotive brands continue to show interest in NFTs despite the crypto winter and bear market.

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