Nike’s .SWOOSH platform is out on beta stage

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Nike’s .SWOOSH platform is out on beta stage

Nike has debuted the .SWOOSH Studio platform, a community experience designed to give Nike fans the opportunity to co-create the brand’s future along with their leading designers.

The platform is live on beta

Nike’s .SWOOSH platform was released yesterday, the 25th of January, and is set to usher in a new generation of digital creators with the release of their inaugural collection, which is inspired by the iconic Air Force 1 (AF1) sneaker collection.

The platform is a community-driven experience for Web3 digital art that allows users to co-create virtual jerseys or shoes with leading Nike designers, as previously reported.

The launch was teased yesterday on the dotswoosh Instagram account (Nike’s co-creation studio). Seth Thomas, Senior Director and Head of Tokenomics & Forecasting at Nike, also teased the platform launch through the company’s social media.

The .SWOOSH community’s motto is “create, collect, trade, and flex,” as Nike aims to create a space for users to build and display their own collections, as well as to trade and flex their virtual creations as in-game wearables. Users will also have access to exclusive content and pre-orders for upcoming releases and the ability to collaborate with other community members and compete in community challenges.

.SWOOSH studio is testing new engagement models through web3

Nike’s virtual creations include sneakers, apparel, accessories, and other collectibles that can be worn in games or other immersive experiences. Some of these virtual creations will also unlock benefits in the physical world, such as access to in-real-life products and exclusive events.

The company is designing virtual creations as a way to innovate and inspire people to build a creative, inclusive future with possibilities for everyone.

.SWOOSH is currently in a closed beta phase, but users can join the waitlist to be one of the first to know how to claim their spot. To join the waitlist, users can sign in to their Nike account and click “Don’t have an access code?” on the “Get Started” page. If you have received an invite, you can hit the “Join” button, sign in with your Nike account, and enter your access code. It should be noted that access codes are for one-time use only, and is the only official website to enter.

.SWOOSH takes digital art to a new level

The concept of virtual apparel and digital art is not new, but .SWOOSH takes it to a whole new level by allowing users to co-create with leading Nike designers. This level of collaboration and community involvement is what sets .SWOOSH apart from other digital art platforms.

The launch of .SWOOSH also opens up new opportunities for the future of virtual commerce. The ability to pre-order upcoming drops, unlock special access or content, and compete in community challenges, all while using virtual currency, suggests a potential shift in how we consume and engage with products in the digital world.

The future is on-chain

Nike’s decision to build .SWOOSH on the Polygon Network is also significant. As more and more brands and companies explore the potential of NFTs, Polygon network’s partnerships with leading luxury brands such as Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as its ability to handle the high trading volume, position it as a strong player in the NFT market.

The release of Nike’s .SWOOSH platform is a significant step forward in the world of digital art and virtual commerce.

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