Nike reveals first NFT digital sneaker drop on Swoosh

Nike reveals first NFT digital sneaker drop on Swoosh

Nike is offering a special treat in the form of an airdrop on its Web3 platform .Swoosh, allowing users to get their first virtual sneaker NFT series. This precedes the highly-anticipated release of the Our Force 1 Collection, which is set to launch in three weeks.

Details on the Our Force 1 Collection

Starting tomorrow, Nike will distribute virtual AF1 posters, which are needed to unlock an OF1 box NFT, to chosen .Swoosh members. These members can begin minting OF1 boxes on May 8. As of May 10, the entire .Swoosh community will be able to purchase the OF1 boxes.

The posters serve as a tribute to the .SWOOSH community’s participation in the OF1 competition. The twenty different Air Force 1 styles featured across the four posters were chosen based on votes in the Cultural, Heritage, Innovation, and Regional brackets.

The Our Force 1 (OF1) collection will feature Polygon virtual sneakers NFTs created to honor the enduring Nike Air Force 1 from 41 years ago. Classic Remix sneaker boxes, including digital renditions of Air Force 1 sneakers made between 1982 and 2006, and New Wave boxes, which have pairs created in 2007 and beyond, will be offered as part of the drop.

There will be an unspecified number of more distinctive, customized AF1s with a “nostalgic twist” dotted among the Classic Remix boxes. The expressive AF1s will have a more “futuristic twist.” Similar to how the New Wave boxes will be blended in with them.

In honor of the release year of the Air Force 1, all virtual shoe boxes will cost $19.82.

All you need to know about the airdrop

To thank and celebrate the first generation of .SWOOSH members, Nike will be randomly airdropping a total of 106,453 OF1 posters to the community, giving members a roughly 1 in 3 opportunity to receive the airdrop.

An OF1 poster is a mint pass that entitles a member to access Nike’s First Access sale, which begins on May 8 at 9 AM PST and ends on May 9 at 11:59 PM PST.

Participants in the #YourForce1 challenge and members of Nike’s DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and SCI (Social Community and Impact) partnership organizations and attendees of the .SWOOSH Session will be given priority during the airdrop.

Nike will use a fair, randomized approach to airdrop most OF1 posters to .SWOOSH members. Eligible members must have been fully onboarded to the .SWOOSH platform and created a .SWOOSH ID by 3:00 PM EST on April 12.

By releasing a picture of .SWOOSH IDs on a public Dune Analytics dashboard. Nike has ensured that the procedure is open and verifiable. The company has also secretly hidden 82 posters for upcoming giveaways and gifts in a wallet that belongs to Nike.

A confirmation email for the airdrop will be sent from [email protected] to those who have received it. Their General Access sale for all .SWOOSH members will start on May 10 at 9 AM PST and be available to everyone who doesn’t get the airdrop.

For .SWOOSH members, Nike’s OF1 Poster Collection, and the airdrop present a unique chance to obtain a rare collection of virtual posters and access to the trendy Our Force 1 Collection.

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