Nifty Gateway goes multi-chain with ImmutableX integration

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Nifty Gateway goes multi-chain with ImmutableX integration

Collectors can now trade ImmutableX-powered NFTs on Nifty Gateway. This was revealed by Nifty Gateway via a press release on December 8. The update offers creators and holders of ImmutableX-powered NFT a more convenient way to buy and sell their assets on the platform.

First NFT chain to be added on Nifty Gateway

The release by Nifty Gateway said that the premium marketplace has integrated with ImmutableX (IMX), the Web3 platform for gaming. This marks an advancement in Nifty Gateway’s quest to support many chains in its marketplace. 

With this integration, Nifty Gateway will become a multichain NFT marketplace. The integration makes it possible for popular NFTs and gaming collectibles built on the ImmutableX blockchain to be available on Nifty Gateway. Collectors can now access NFTs from Gods Unchained, Illuvium, Planet Quest, Embersword, Guild of Guardians, and more on Nifty Gateway.

Collectibles from these web3 gaming platforms can now be traded easily on the primary and secondary markets at Nifty Gateway, which already hosts thousands of collectibles from reputable web3 projects. Some prominent art platforms such as Beeple, XCopy, Pak, and others have their works traded on the premium NFT marketplace.

Pushing towards web3 adoption

Commenting on the integration with Nifty Gateway, Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of global business development for ImmutableX, said that the collaboration will advance the cause of NFT adoption. Sorokovsky stated: 

“We are excited to collaborate with Nifty Gateway to accelerate the mass adoption of NFTs and continue to build the future of digital collectibles and web3 gaming,” 

He further highlighted the impact the collaboration will have on the user base of the NFT marketplace, saying:

“Thanks to this integration, more than a million Nifty users will gain access to numerous high-profile up-and-coming AAA games and their assets that will become even more popular in the future.”

A platform with a proven track record

Nifty Gateway is known for being host to some of the most popular collections from NFT platforms, such as Vandalz, Bored Ape Kennel Club, Daniel Arsham, and many others. The platform hosts over one million collectibles contributed by more than 1000 creators.

Duncan Cock Foster, the co-founder of Nifty Gateway, commented on the decision to integrate with ImmutableX:

“Over the past months, our users’ demand for web3 gaming-related NFTs has been rapidly growing, so the integration of ImmutableX, which has a proven track record and is highly regarded in this sector, was an easy and natural choice for us.”

 He highlighted that this decision has effectively added many more NFTs to the platform, giving users more variety:

“By featuring IMX-powered NFTs, Nifty can introduce tens of thousands of new collectors to the ever-expanding decentralized gaming sector and eventually onboard the next billion users to web3,” 

Nifty Gateway plans to onboard a billion users to the Web3 space. The IMX integration is one of the initiatives that the company has adopted to accomplish the objective. Another is the launch of publishers and innovative drop tools. Nifty Gateway is also hosting a loyalty program from Starbucks, known as Starbucks Odyssey, an NFT-centered initiative.

Since 2018, Immutable has been responsible for introducing a new generation of web3 games through its premier NFT minting platform. Its carbon-free protocol has attracted users due to its no-gas, high liquidity solution offering security, speed, and scalability.

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