NFT11 launches M3TACUP, a virtual football tournament

NFT11 launches M3TACUP, a virtual football tournament

While the World Cup tournament is currently taking place, there is nothing stopping fans from celebrating and participating in this “beautiful game” in their own unique style. With this in mind, NFT11, a blockchain-based football manager simulation game, has partnered with WIRTUAL, a move-to-earn platform, to launch a virtual football tournament called M3TACUP.

Creating hype during the World Cup semi-finals

With the aim of building on the ongoing football season hype, these companies have teamed up with notable partners like Delysium and MetaStar Strikers to launch a blockchain football tournament. People will be able to compete virtually as individuals and in teams to claim NFT rewards, including a total of US$11,000 worth of prizes for the top 11 teams in M3TACUP’s ranking.

“The NFT11 Metaverse is expansive, we are looking to incorporate a variety of Web 3.0 elements into our metaverse, bridging both the virtual and physical world in the spirit of gaming. Pioneering M3TACUP is one example of initiatives we have, to connect all who can appreciate gaming as well as football.” – Andrew Ling, CEO of NFT11.

NFTs in simulation blockchain games

Simulation and football manager games are one of the most popular genres in the gaming world. As more people move into Web3 and blockchain gaming, game companies are making multiple blockchain-based football games where players can collect NFT cards, train football players, set up tactics, and compete for prizes in the form of crypto tokens.

New projects are sprouting from time to time, with some surviving in the market better than others. While still in development, NFT11 hopes to tick all the boxes for M3TACUP’s mainstream adoption.

World Cup NFTs and fan tokens

The use of NFTs and other blockchain tokens is helping to transform the fan experience in football, just as in every other sport or industry. More and more football clubs, competitions, and national teams are beginning to rely on blockchain technology. 

Unlike the last edition, NFTs and fan tokens/rewards have found their way into this year’s premier football tournament, which has been full of upsets and surprising victories. As digital assets on a blockchain, NFTs are unique to their owners and represent real-world objects like art, music, in-game items, and videos.

NFTs, just like traditional assets, can be transferred between owners and have the potential to either decrease in value or increase over time. As a result, the value of these football team tokens can fluctuate depending on how well the team performs and how the fans feel about the club.

For example, after Portugal’s national team suffered an unexpected loss to Morocco, the value of the Portugal National Team Fan Token plummeted. The same situation occurred with Argentina and Spain after losing their matches as betting favorites.

Before and at the start of the competition, FIFA launched various collections of the greatest football moments, wonderful goals, defending tackles, art, and imagery through FIFA+ Collect to connect with the billions of fans poised to be involved. Sponsors like Budweiser and VISA have also taken to NFTs for fans to use in challenges to earn exclusive rewards like World Cup tickets. In conclusion, the use of non-fungible tokens on the most important stage in football has demonstrated their significance and the fact that they are here to stay.

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