NFT toys are trending: Claynosaurz unveils new limited-edition plushies

NFT toys are trending: Claynosaurz unveils new limited-edition plushies

Claynosaurz, a notable 3D dinosaur NFT project from the Solana ecosystem, is now stepping into the realm of physical toy collectibles. Their launch begins with the release of First Edition limited-color plushies, marking a significant transition for the brand.


Founded in late 2021 by animation industry veterans Nic Cabana and Dan Cabral, Claynosaurz was born out of the rapid rise of NFTs. The company developed a broader strategy over the years and now wants to bring its brand into the mainstream. The introduction of physical collectibles is a major step in that direction.

In an interview with nft now, CEO Andrew Pelekis and co-founder Nic Cabana (Cabanimation) gave insights into their design process, market research, and the uniqueness of their plushies. They are determined to redefine entertainment and collectibles, extending beyond digital realms.

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Dinosaur plushies

The team’s philosophy centers on quality, not gimmicks. Their goal is simple yet profound: to make people smile upon seeing their plushies.

“We don’t want the user to want to buy these things just because there’s some sort of digital twin or digital activation,” – Nic Cabana, co-founder of Claynosaurz

Seven months of intense design iterations and market research culminated in a standout product. According to Pelenkis, the team’s meticulous approach led to distinctive, high-quality plushies.

A limited edition will be released on November 3, featuring a Jurassic Aqua-colored plushie with an orange belly. This “Genesis release” will be available for a limited 48-hour window and marks the beginning of a series that includes super-exclusive versions, co-branded collaborations, and licensed editions.

The plushies, manufactured by the same factory as Gund (makers of Paw Patrol plushies), will have their official launch in early 2024. Initially, there will be nine variations, with more to come. Hundreds of permutations are possible, promising variety and novelty.

Andrew revealed plans for “digital twins” for each plushie. These counterparts will reside on a dynamic platform, aiming to bridge generational gaps. The platform, likened to a fusion of Tamagotchi, Webkins, and Fortnite, will allow users to interact with and enliven their collectibles. And the best news is that Claynosaurz holders will enjoy exclusive discounts.

NFTs turning into toys

Transforming NFT characters into physical toys is becoming a trend. After Pudgy Penguins introduced the concept to great success, with penguin toys being sold in Walmart stores all across the United States, other Web3 brands began to follow suit.

Recently, the team behind the Azuki NFT collection, Chiru Labs, also announced a new toy line based on their BEANZ collection.

Now Claynosaurz will be joining the likes of Pudgy Penguins, Doodles, and Chiru Labs in merging physical and digital collectibles. But only time will tell if the dinosaur plushies will manage to replicate the success of Pudgy Penguins.

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