NFT project y00ts relishes exposure to big brand partnerships ahead of Polygon move

NFT project y00ts relishes exposure to big brand partnerships ahead of Polygon move

y00ts’s move to Polygon may present several opportunities for the NFT project. The shift from Solana to Polygon may help y00ts partner with some of the biggest brands in the NFT market worldwide. 

y00ts to migrate to Polygon

According to some market analysts, the recent decision by y00ts to join Polygon places the project in the right direction, putting it in a great position to partner with companies in the space for co-branding initiatives.  The aspect of co-branding is an effective tool for improving brand awareness, accumulating revenue, and entering emerging markets.

Most efficient partnerships take a win-win scenario for all the participants and given y00ts move to a wider ecosystem, it is likely that the project will take advantage of its increased potential and exposure.

Polygon has partnered with several brands that utilize its technology to power their NFT and web3 projects. By joining the Polygon ecosystem, y00ts will have the opportunity to partner with these brands. According to JToyts, a crypto and web3 blogger who highlighted the development on Twitter, these projects have the incentive to work with y00ts for several reasons.

One reason is the first mover aspect. Companies often want to be among the first to work with new names in new spaces. Additionally, y00ts’ team has strong connections with its VC investors, which can be beneficial for most companies looking to partner with y00ts.

Potential future partnerships with y00tsNFT

Overall, y00ts’ migration to Polygon has the potential to lead to exciting new partnerships and opportunities within the NFT and web3 spaces. Here are some of the possibilities mentioned in the Twitter thread:

Meta collaborating with y00tsNFT

Meta is dedicated to building a strong metaverse for the future. In order to achieve this goal, the company is partnering with Y00ts to develop playable characters that can fully utilize the metaverse. This includes not only the character’s appearance but also virtual accessories and attire.

By working together, Meta and Y00ts hope to create a fully immersive and interactive experience for users within the metaverse. This partnership is an important step towards realizing Meta’s vision of a robust and dynamic virtual world.

Adidas and y00tsNFT or Nike and y00tsNFT

Adidas and Nike have massive influence in the apparel industry. Their brands are everywhere in the world. A partnership between Nike and y00ts or Adidas and y00ts could be possible because of their relationship with virtual goods.   

DraftKings and y00ts

A partnership between DraftKings and y00ts is highly possible. The North American famous betting application DraftKings attracts men who are sports enthusiasts. An alliance with y00ts will enable the company to create an NFT ecosystem where men will watch and play football or other games virtually.

y00ts could also benefit from the brands because they already have millions of followers who could be potential customers.

Is the migration to Polygon good news for y00ts?

The move by y00tsNFT could be extremely beneficial, especially if it brings about future collaborations and co-marketing efforts. So far, the migration to Polygon seems to invoke a bullish sentiment for the NFT project, whose sales have spiked since the announcement. Time will tell if the migration was the best move and if it will inspire other projects to move as well.

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