NFT Oldeus project singled out for ripping off Arknights’ animation

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NFT Oldeus project singled out for ripping off Arknights’ animation

Oldeus is a web3 company specializing in producing quality manga characters and tokens. This innovation has made it the undisputed master of its industry. But recently, the brand has been accused of plagiarizing cinematic animations from the mobile spoiler game Arknights.

NFT Oldeus: at the heart of a scandal

Oldeus is a major NFT brand involved in the production of manga-inspired characters and tokens that enthusiasts can buy. It has won the hearts of a large number of non-fungible token users thanks to the originality of its works. But recently, Oldeus has been at the heart of a scandal linked to property rights on the distribution of certain NFT projects. 

The company was accused of cheating on animated cutscenes of the mobile game Arknights. This accusation was made in one of the recent tweets that Oldeus’ Twitter account posted. The trailer did indeed show a quick 21-second animation featuring characters from the NFT project. In the aftermath, some curious users wasted no time pointing out the striking similarities of the trailer to the cut of the Roaring Flare animated scene from Arknights. 

The trailer did show Amiya, a character from the manga, transforming into a Guard class operator. Many fans believe that the resemblance between the trailer and the Arknights animated scene is due to the fact that it’s produced by the same animation team.

NFT Oldeus: the brand responds in its defense

After the recent accusation that has caused a lot of chatter on the web, the brand Oldeus has spoken out to take stock of the issue. Indeed, the Oldeus Twitter account posted an announcement on a thread about the accusation. In this announcement, she stressed that their intention was not to copy or replicate the animations of the animated scene in question. 

On the contrary, she drew inspiration from that work to recreate the Arknights trailer to bring a whole new dimension to the creation. She added in the same thread that they included some WIP files to show that the trailer was made from scratch. 

After this statement, the project’s managers indicated that they are currently in contact with the Arknights team to clear up this derogatory matter. It is also important to know that Hypergryph has not yet made an official statement regarding this situation. The announcement would help everyone to shed light on this accusation which could bring the brand’s activities into disrepute. 

How has it impacted business?

The project’s managers were wise to speak out about the recent controversy surrounding the NFT project called Oldeus. Responding to the accusation of copying animations from an animated cinematic of the mobile game Arknights allows them to ease the tension.

If the NFT Oldeus team had remained silent, there would have been a considerable drop in the brand’s turnover. The incident would undoubtedly have discredited the general development of the company’s activities. With the web, ingenuity is needed to avoid frustrating the community (of Oldeus and Arknights).

In light of this peaceful management, one could expect a further resurgence in the activities of the NFT Oldeus brand if it manages to find common ground with the Arknights team. It is hoped that beyond this incident, other promising relationships will be forged. 

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