NFT Music Projects involving Warner Bros, Polygon, and Winamp are set to Launch in 2023

NFT Music Projects involving Warner Bros, Polygon, and Winamp are set to Launch in 2023

Music collectibles are set to have a big year in 2023 as two major projects are set to launch. The Warner Music Group (WMG), in conjunction with Ethereum layer-2 scaling protocol Polygon, and, is set to launch the LGND music NFT marketplace in January 2023. Iconic Windows media player Winamp has also announced plans to launch an update, 5.9.1, which shall have the capability of playing music NFTs. 

Polygon, WMG, and LGND Music Collectibles

Global music and entertainment company Warner Music Group (WMG) has partnered with, a blockchain-based e-commerce platform builder, and Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Polygon to launch the web3 music platform known as LGND Music. 

In a press release, the Warner Music Group revealed that the LGND Music project will officially launch in January 2023 and will feature the world’s leading dance record label Spinnin’ Records.

LGND Music is an innovative music and collectibles platform that will allow users to play music NFTs or “Virtual Vinyls” of their favorite artists on the go. As part of the partnership, select WMG artists will be able to launch collectibles of their music on the app and desktop platforms.

The LGND platform is being built on the Polygon network to ensure users have a seamless experience with lower gas fees and faster transactions in an environment that is not only open and permissionless but also sustainable. Speaking on the launch of the partnership, the CEO of Polygon Studios, Ryan Watt, stated:

“Web3 has the power to transform the music industry for both artists and fans. The way we own and experience music is evolving, by fully embracing decentralized technologies and collectibles, this exclusive partnership between Polygon, LGND, and WMG represents an exciting milestone for the music industry. Polygon is proud to be powering this innovative initiative that will elevate music ownership and bring more music lovers and artists to Web3.”

Winamp Player’s Upcoming Music NFTs Update

Windows media player Winamp announced through a press release that its latest 5.9.1 version will add a new way to listen to the newest music formats, including NFTs, to lower its memory footprint and enhance security. These enhancements represent a significant web3 upgrade for listening, and as more artists release their projects in NFT format, Winamp will make playing NFT music simple and effortless. 

With this latest version, Winamp will allow users to connect their Metamask wallets to the platform through Chrome, Brave, or Firefox; it then connects their preferred music collectibles to their trusted player. Winamp currently supports media files distributed through the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards and NFTs based on the Ethereum and Polygon protocols. 

The CEO of Winamp, Alexandre Saboundijan, said in a statement accompanying the release:

“The genesis of Winamp has always been about accessibility and innovation, and today we are proud to launch the very first stand-alone player reading audio NFTs, as well as any other existing formats.”

These expanded player benefits will complement a creator service rich in features connecting artists and fans for mutual benefit. The service is set to roll out in early 2023 and will be cross-platform.

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