NFT marketplace, Paspath, adds Indonesian Rupiah support to broaden its reach on Asian markets

NFT marketplace, Paspath, adds Indonesian Rupiah support to broaden its reach on Asian markets

Many companies are working on simplifying Web3 protocols to make it easy for traditional Web2 users to adopt utilities available on the decentralized web. One such is the recently launched NFT platform, Paspath, which has added support for the Indonesian Rupiah currency.

First NFT marketplace to accept Indonesian Rupiah

Paspath, an Indonesia-based NFT marketplace, was launched last December. The company, which seeks to help collectors build NFT portfolios, is the first crypto platform to support the use of the Indonesian currency (Rupiah) for payments.

In a statement issued by the company on January 9, it was stated that the essence of the support for the Indonesian Rupiah (INR) is to reduce the entry barrier faced by Indonesians while trying to access the NFT space.

Making the transition to Web3 easy for users

Paspath has the vision of creating an easy path to NFTs for Web2 users, emphasizing a seamless and secure experience as its customers migrate to the decentralized web.

Users of Paspath will have access to a wide range of NFTs that meet the demands of all categories of collectors. Holders will be able to buy and sell their assets on the multi-chain platform. The release from the company said that users can access NFTs from major blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and more.

The release from the company also stated:

“For the first time users can use Rupiah to gain seamless access to crypto-collectibles based on blockchain technology, which has revolutionized finance, digital commerce and daily life.”

The Paspath team comprises experienced entrepreneurs who have worked on various successful blockchain-based projects. Having partnered with various leading blockchain entities, the team is confident that Paspath will become another success story.

Finding beauty in Bali through NFTs

On December 22, 2022, Paspath welcomed a renowned Bali-based photographer, Ade Irgha to the Paspath NFT Marketplace team. While introducing Irgha to the community, the team announced him as a creator that helps others to find beauty in Bali.

The first batch of items released on Paspath will include images licensed from DC Comics, the flagship unit of DC Entertainments, another is from, a leading digital identity (DID) assets provider. Other listings are high-quality works from regular creators.

Paspath said that it is working on adding more NFT collections to the platform. A recent partnership with the Indonesian director, Jeremy Thomas, would have the actor and director release a collection of collectibles inspired by his career.  

More partnerships and features for Paspath

Paspath also partnered with the famed artist, Mario Blanco with an exhibition involving 30 prominent artists scheduled for the Blanco Museum in Bali. The platform is also working on innovative ways of distributing NFTs and has mentioned that it would add blind boxes and auction features on its marketplace soon.

With the proper timing, all of these developments can make a difference and transform Paspath into a leading NFT marketplace. Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea has been losing its dominance to competitors, and Paspath can now establish itself and take market share by successfully targeting Indonesia and Asia.

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