NFT marketplace Hyperspace debuts on Avalanche

NFT marketplace Hyperspace debuts on Avalanche

Hyperspace has launched its multi-chain marketplace on the Avalanche blockchain. The decision to add Avalanche was based on the network’s high scalability and eco-friendly approach.

Sustainable and Scalable NFT ecosystem

The transaction speed, scalability, and robust stance on environmental sustainability drove Hyperspace’s decision to integrate Avalanche.

Concerns over blockchain’s environmental footprint have existed for a long while, and Hyperspace’s collaboration with Avalanche underscores a profound commitment to greener practices. Avalanche notably cuts energy use through its consensus mechanism, paving the way for a more sustainable blockchain ecosystem.

Hyperspace to introduce new features

Hyperspace is aware of the community feedback and is preparing a slew of innovative features. Among them is an enhancement of the user interface, thus providing a simpler and better overall experience, and a new bidding function for NFT auctions.

Wallet and collection analytics will also be added, granting users unprecedented market insights, alongside cross-chain digital asset transfers and real-time market activity monitoring. All of the charts added will be interactive to offer a more immersive market overview.

Pivotal partnership

Hyperspace’s announcement follows their EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chain debut on Avalanche. The initial launch is just a glimpse of Hyperspace’s grand vision, as the promised features will cater to both traders and enthusiasts, fostering a dynamic platform evolution.

Furthermore, the NFT space will soon see Dokyo, an Avalanche mint, join Hyperspace’s suite of products. Given Hyperspace’s track record with over 50 NFT mints on Sui and Solana, including ByteCity and 12 Days of Hypemas, the anticipation is palpable.

Co-founder of Hyperspace, Kamil Mafoud, dubbed this partnership a “pivotal milestone”. He expressed enthusiasm about venturing into their maiden EVM-compatible chain and enhancing the community’s experience on Avalanche.

Echoing this sentiment, Ava Labs’ NFT Chief Dominic Carbonaro conveyed excitement about ushering in a new NFT epoch with Hyperspace and Dokyo on Avalanche. Carbonaro sees the multi-chain marketplace as pivotal in fortifying the ecosystem’s infrastructure.

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