NFT Inspect unveils groundbreaking PFP discovery tool for Twitter

NFT Inspect unveils groundbreaking PFP discovery tool for Twitter

NFT Inspect, the recently rejuvenated NFT analysis platform, is yet again making strides in the industry with its latest unveiling: a Chrome browser extension that offers real-time data on Twitter profile pictures (PFPs). This new tool adds another layer of depth to the platform’s suite of analysis tools, providing users with valuable insight into the fast-paced world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Twitter NFT search tool

Recognizing Twitter’s central role as a hub for crypto and NFT communication, NFT Inspect‘s new tool leverages this platform to offer users an in-depth look into popular NFT collections. 

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The Twitter NFT Search tool, also available in beta as a web version, enables users to probe how an NFT is utilized on Twitter – whether as a PFP or shared within a tweet. The tool also allows for the analysis of individual wallet addresses, pulling from publicly available blockchain data to reveal usage insights of any NFT within a given wallet. In a move that sets it apart, the extension can display the rarity traits of individual NFTs, serving as a game-changer for those with an eye for exclusive assets.

Powering insight with AI

NFT Inspect, under the leadership of President Oliver Cohen, identified a crucial void in the market — a dearth of comprehensive tools capable of harnessing the potential of Twitter for in-depth tracking, analysis, and engagement with the NFT and crypto ecosystem. In response to this need, NFT Inspect has leveraged advanced AI algorithms to empower its Chrome extension, enabling it to detect NFT-related content on Twitter, monitor the popularity of varying NFT collections, and assess the growth trajectory of communities surrounding specific NFT projects. 

Cohen emphasized the extension’s crucial role in facilitating well-informed decisions among users when it comes to NFT investments and participation in community interactions. At present, the browser extension is proficient in identifying NFTs hosted on the Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana blockchains. However, it’s important to note that it does not offer compatibility with video or GIF files yet.

NFT Inspect’s journey

The introduction of the new PFP Discovery Tool marks another milestone in NFT Inspect’s journey. After a reluctant shutdown in January, the platform was resurrected in March under new ownership. Since then, it has committed to expanding its suite of tools and establishing a community council of influential NFT personalities.

Furthermore, the platform announced a significant partnership with Polygon Labs in May to develop unique NFT use cases, promote wider adoption, and improve user experience. Through its ongoing innovation and collaboration, NFT Inspect continues to make a significant impact on the NFT trading landscape, providing unparalleled value to its users.

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