NFT Gaming Company, Inc. set to attend the NVIDIA GTC AI developer conference in March

NFT Gaming Company, Inc. set to attend the NVIDIA GTC AI developer conference in March

Earlier this week, the NFT Gaming Company announced its plans to attend the NVIDIA GTC AI Developer Conference in March 2023. NFTG stated its intention to join the NVIDIAs developer program and collaborate in developing and releasing games to revolutionize NFT gaming.

NFTG’s partnership with NVIDIA

NFT Gaming Company recently announced it would be part of the NVIDIA Developer Conference that will be held between the 20th to 23rd of March of 2023. The collaboration invites new opportunities targeted at developing top-notch NFT gaming experiences. NFTG focuses on developing proprietary games, and its amalgamation with NVIDIA spearheads its pursuit of allowing the best user experience. 

NFT Gaming Company is a digital platform that allows users to mint distinctive NFT avatars that are playable in all the platform’s games in the form of NFTs. The NVIDIA GTC Developer Conference brings together NFT enthusiasts, including AI researchers and developers, who brainstorm new ideas and apply NFT use cases

The NFTG Company further explained its intent to join the NVIDIA developer program: 

“Combining our games and platform with state-of-the-art innovation paves the way for unique opportunities and mass adoption.” – Vadim Mats, NFT Gaming’s Chief Executive Officer.

NFTG’s recent IPO 

On 14th Feb, NFTG announced its IPO’s pricing, which was offered to 1,686,747 at a $4.15 price per share of the Common Stock, grossing $7 million.  However, this wasn’t inclusive of the commissions and underwriting discounts. 

Revere Securities LLC and Laidlaw & Company acted as the book-run managers for the initial public offering. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) declared a registration statement on Form S-1 detailing the final prospects filled on 16th Feb. This was made available on the SEC website. 

NFTG got approval to list its Common Stock on the Nasdaq Capital Market and began trading on 15th Feb. The offering was closed on 17th Feb after succeeding customary closing conditions and customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, the partnership between NFTG and the NVIDIA Program set to commence in March brings about promising changes towards NFTY gaming.  

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