NFT-funded movie ‘Calladita’ to make world debut at Tallinn film festival

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NFT-funded movie ‘Calladita’ to make world debut at Tallinn film festival

Cinema meets the NFT market with Calladita (“The Quiet Maid”), a film set to have its World Premiere at the esteemed Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

Calladita plot summary

Miguel Faus, the visionary writer and director behind Calladita, explores the life of a young Latin-American maid serving a wealthy family during their summer escape. Focusing on the lead character’s relationship with a fellow maid, the film delves into themes of class disparity and societal injustice, providing an unvarnished lens without overusing narratives.

Ahead of its Tallinn unveiling, an official trailer was released, setting the tone for the film’s narrative.

Interestingly, this is not Faus’s first foray into the world of Calladita. The story traces its roots to his acclaimed 2020 short film, which not only received festival praise but also found a home on HBO Max.

NFT sale financed film production

When seeking to adapt this story into a full-length feature, Faus took the unconventional route of funding through NFTs by auctioning stills from his short film. He stated that decentralized funding was crucial after “centralized powers” rejected the project.

By September 2022, after raising an impressive €750K from over 600 collectors, filming began in picturesque Costa Brava, Spain. With a star-studded Spanish ensemble that includes Ariadna Gil, Luis Bermejo, Pol Hermoso, and Paula Grimaldo, the movie promises a captivating experience.

NFT influencers such as gmoney, Farokh, and Cozomo de Medici also rallied behind the film. An astounding 280 CryptoPunk holders contributed, marking an epoch in the union of NFTs and cinema.

Winning a prestigious Sundance Film Festival award

Earlier this year, the film was bestowed the “Finishing Funds Award” of $100k at the Sundance Film Festival, courtesy of the legendary Steven Soderbergh. Beyond the financial backing, Soderbergh’s footprint extends to post-production inputs, culminating in a “Presented By” credit for the celebrated director.

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First NFT-funded European movie

The Stoner Cats project was recently targeted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after using NFTs to fund its TV animation show. Fortunately, Calladita is being made on European soil, thus sparing Miguel Faus from impending legal troubles coming to knock on his door.

As the curtains rise at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in November, Calladita will be etched in history as the first NFT-financed feature film to greet audiences worldwide.

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