partners with Unstoppable Domains to make Web3 mainstream

Web3 partners with Unstoppable Domains to make Web3 mainstream has forged a significant partnership with a decentralized domain name provider in preparation for the launch of its beta platform. The company is heavily focused on establishing itself in the market, and this latest move marks a significant step forward in that direction.

NFTs are about to go mainstream

Unstoppable Domains, a prominent provider of NFT domain names, has recently revealed its collaboration with Immutable Holdings – a comprehensive blockchain holding company that manages some of the most influential businesses in the industry. This partnership is expected to significantly impact the industry, given the reputation and influence of both entities involved.

This partnership aims to enhance the platform’s security and usability by facilitating the direct purchase of digital identities on The company plans to introduce additional features, such as various listing types and partner collections, to improve the user experience further. We managed to speak with Don Thibeau, the Chief Product Officer at, who shared some insights with

“The goal of our partnership is to provide a one-stop-shop for Unstoppable Domain holders to buy and sell their NFTs while also creating their own unique Profile. This acts as a tradeable NFT itself while giving holders no trading fees while the public beta stage is ongoing.” launches beta platform

Through their recent collaboration, Immutable Holdings has announced the public beta launch of, a comprehensive platform designed to serve as a centralized hub for all things related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The website provides users with a wide range of features, including the ability to create personalized profiles, browse existing collections, trade and purchase NFTs, and mint new tokens. Notably, also offers a unique “NFT Profile” feature, which enables users to customize galleries and enjoy exclusive benefits such as lower marketplace fees.’s aggregator and transaction router for third-party marketplaces is expected to attract even more users. In addition, the platform has established partnerships with Unstoppable Domains, Allure Bridals, SuperNormal, and The Doge Pound.

During the private beta phase, managed to attract over 9,000 users who created NFT Profiles, with over 9.7 million NFTs being displayed and made accessible via the website. The goal of the platform is to offer a single, all-inclusive destination where NFT collectors can create, explore, and trade NFTs. wants to push Web3 into the lap of mainstream audiences

With the increasing popularity of NFTs, numerous companies have entered the market to capitalize on this trend. Nifty Gateway, OpenSea, and Rarible are some of the leading NFT marketplaces. However,’s unique social media-like features and top-tier partnerships could provide it with a competitive advantage over other platforms.

Immutable Holdings believes that’s “NFT Profile” could serve as a Web3 version of Amazon Prime membership. Profile holders can trade on the Marketplace without paying any fees, and they can also customize their social profiles to help promote their collection in the public beta.

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