NFT Champions partners with OpenSea to launch new collection

NFT Champions partners with OpenSea to launch new collection

Based on upcoming reports, NFT Champions recently partnered with popular NFT marketplace OpenSea in a mission to introduce a new collection of digital assets.

Collaborating with OpenSea

According to incoming reports, popular play-to-earn gaming network NFT Champions just announced a partnership with OpenSea, with a clear mission of launching a new collection of NFTs. 

The announcement about the recent partnership was made by NFT Champions directly in a Twitter post released early on April 19.

Based on a blog post, this partnership enables NFT Champions to launch a new collection of NFTs. This new collection will be a ticket for early access to the metaverse game “Celestia Ultimate.” Further reports indicate that the game will be launched by the end of this year. 

The NFT collection for the metaverse game comes by the tag ‘land’ and will start selling on April 22 to 27 at a floor price of 0.8 ETH. While quoting the NFT Champions tweet, Opensea also tweeted about the same collection launch, noting that only three days remaining until launch.

The reports also indicate that landholders can use or lend the land to other players for exchange tokens based on agreed terms.

Some in the comment sections seemed happy with the announcement, while another good number called it a scam. The positive reactions seemed to praise OpenSea and NFT Champions for the job. 

CHAMP token price action 

As a play-to-earn network, NFT Champions has its native token CHAMP which has not performed well in the markets over the past weeks. The token currently trades at just about $0.0581, down from $0.0583. Within the past 24 hours, CHAMP was able to surge to a high of $0.0591.

However, for the past 24 hours, CHAMP has been trading in the red based on charts.

NFT Champions partners with OpenSea to launch new collection - 1

CHAMP 7D price action | Source: Coinmarketcap

Widening the scope indicates that the token has gained value in the past seven days, moving from a low of $0.057 to an overall value of over $0.058. The recent announcement, although positive, has not hugely affected the crypto markets.

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