NFT artist recreates Travis Scott in “Once Upon A Time In Utopia”

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NFT artist recreates Travis Scott in “Once Upon A Time In Utopia”

Robin Velghe, celebrated in the art circles as Rhymezlikedimez, is back after his successful animated short with Erykah Badu. He now presents the mesmerizing world of “Once Upon A Time In Utopia” from rap artist Travis Scott, beckoning viewers into the NFT realm.

NFT animation of Travis Scott’s Utopia

Tapping into the rich tapestry of Travis Scott’s “Utopia” album, Velghe crafted an enchanting animated landscape. Furthermore, beyond the sheer visual allure, the animation grapples with the profound query: “What’s Your Utopia?”

Yet, as intricate and expansive as this artwork is, it’s merely a precursor. The animation is a tantalizing hint of what’s to come in Velghe’s upcoming full-length animated movie, also named “Once Upon A Time In Utopia.” This project promises to be a deep dive into the utopian ideals and dreams that fuel human imagination.

Interactivity meets Art in Stapleverse SAPIENZ

But there’s more than meets the eye. Velghe’s visionary work integrates seamlessly with Stapleverse SAPIENZ, a groundbreaking NFT ecosystem. This blend of art with cutting-edge technology offers an added dimension of engagement.

Minting a piece of digital magic

For those keen on securing a piece of this digital marvel, a special “SURPRISE SAPIENZ” edition awaits, thanks to a collaboration with Stapleverse SAPIENZ. Available for a mint at 0.003 Ethereum (ETH), this unique NFT is up for grabs on Manifold.

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Once Upon A Time In Utopia NFT (Source:

To delve into the animation itself, Bonfire has exclusive access, ensuring a token-gated viewing experience for the true aficionados.

Rhymezlikedimez, aka Robin Velghe, has set the digital art scene abuzz with “Once Upon A Time In Utopia.” Drawing from Travis Scott’s evocative “Utopia” album, this animation beckons viewers to contemplate their own version of paradise.

The piece is a prelude to a full-blown animated film and is ready to be minted in the world of NFTs. It also offers a union with the Stapleverse SAPIENZ ecosystem, setting the stage for a captivating blend of art and technology.

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