NFL star Patrick Mahomes loves NFTs: Announces second drop

NFL star Patrick Mahomes loves NFTs: Announces second drop

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and two-time Super Bowl champion, Patrick Mahomes, is poised to make his second appearance in the web3 realm. The star player announced a new NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) collection through his Museum of Mahomes brand this coming September.

Bringing the NFL craze back on the Web3 field

Mahomes was one of the first athletes to enter the NFT arena, joining back in March 2021. Taking advantage of the last bull market and his performances, Mahomes successfully sold his first collection, raking in a notable $3.7 million as the NFT market began to surge.

The upcoming drop, dubbed the “Museum of Mahomes II”, will consist of 15,000 NFTs, with the artwork encapsulating the best moments of Mahomes’ impressive NFL career thus far.

It will also include NFTs inspired by the Chiefs star, with certain tokens tied to tangible benefits like autographed jerseys, footballs, and physical trading cards. Unlike the previous collection, owners of the new NFTs will now have the unique opportunity to claim actual physical copies of their autographed NFT collectibles.

No prices or network announced

Only a cryptic tweet with a QR quote was announced. The brand has not yet divulged details about the specific network for minting the NFTs or the pricing strategy for these collectibles. The previous NFT drop took place on MakersPlace, a well-known Ethereum NFT marketplace, but it remains to be seen if the brand will stick with this choice.

The “Museum of Mahomes” is not only a platform for sports memorabilia. It is also a conduit for philanthropic endeavors. Proceeds from the NFT sales will go towards Mahomes’ 15 and the Mahomies Foundation, which is committed to assisting children in underserved communities through a variety of initiatives.

“I am excited to offer physical replicas to holders of the Museum of Mahomes I collection and do some good in the world with the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation as part of the Museum of Mahomes II release.” – Mahomes

Mahomes embraces NFTs and Dapper Labs

The project is spearheaded by the digital agency D-O-M, which was also instrumental in the success of Mahomes’ first NFT drop. This collaboration combines the expertise of seasoned digital professionals with the star power of Mahomes, who has not only blazed trails on the football field but has also made his mark in the realm of digital collectibles.

While creating his own NFT collections, Mahomes has simultaneously been the face of Dapper Labs’ NFL All Day, even serving as an official spokesperson when the digital collectibles platform first opened to the public in August 2021.

While Dapper Labs continues to stand by NFL All Day, the truth is that it is fairly less successful than his older brother NBA Top Shot, also owned by Dapper Labs. Mahomes may be unable to replicate the success of his first drop. At least it’s clear that the bear market is affecting Dapper Labs, forcing its CEO to tighten company expenses with another recent layoff and limit his once lavish lifestyle.

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