NFL Rivals introduces NFT purchases for mobile

NFL Rivals introduces NFT purchases for mobile

Web3 gaming studio Mythical Games unveiled a new feature on Thursday: the capacity to purchase non-fungible token (NFT) player cards via its mobile game, NFL Rivals.

NFTs available on iOS and Android

NFL Rivals, the officially licensed American football game, has now allowed players to purchase NFTs on both the Play and App Stores. Previously, users were required to navigate to Mythical’s web-based platform to perform the transactions.

This development follows hot on the heels of Google’s recent decision to tweak its Android Play Store policies. These adjustments now make in-app NFT purchases and integrations feasible.

Most suggested NFTs are hovering below the $3 mark. The prices remain consistent for buyers, irrespective of whether the purchase happens via the mobile game or the web platform. This means that either Mythical Games has found a way to bypass Apple Store’s 30% fee or is paying for the fee on behalf of players.

Only for dedicated players

While this is excellent news, there’s a catch: Only gamers who have climbed to user level 4 or above can use this feature. On reaching this level, the “Improve My Roster” button becomes accessible in the team roster menu. Players can get suggested NFT player cards, although a comprehensive marketplace browsing experience isn’t available yet.

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Kickoff Lineup (Source: Mythical Games blog)

According to a blog post published yesterday, Mythical Games isn’t stopping here. The company intends to experiment with more in-game marketplace integrations over the upcoming months. The goal is to empower players to buy and sell NFTs directly through the mobile app.

Facilitating NFT purchases for the masses

At present, selling and browsing the entire collection of NFL Rivals NFTs is an experience reserved for the web-based Mythical Marketplace. Upon purchasing an NFT, it’s stored within the buyer’s Mythical account. For the NFT to be functional, the user’s Mythical account must be synced with the NFL Rivals game. Once activated, players can integrate the owned NFT player cards into their game lineups.

Purchasing a suggested NFT via the mobile app comes with its own process. Players first buy the game’s novel in-game currency named “Credits.” Interestingly, Credits aren’t a form of cryptocurrency. These can be acquired with fiat money on both the App Store and Play Store. Prices for Credit bundles span from 140 Credits at $1.99 to 7,000 Credits for $99.99.

NFL Rivals – one of the fastest-growing web3 games

Mythical Games proudly announced that its flagship title, NFL Rivals, has already seen over 2 million downloads since its soft launch in April. And the 2023 NFL season hasn’t even started, meaning the game’s upcoming global launch could become a hit sensation.

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