NFL Rivals, a licensed NFL game with NFTs, commemorates official launch

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NFL Rivals, a licensed NFL game with NFTs, commemorates official launch

Mythical Games, a web3 game development company, has recently launched NFL Rivals, a mobile game that includes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of NFL players. The game is now available for download on both Apple’s iOS App Store and Google’s Play Store.

Fantasy NFL on the blockchain

NFL Rivals is a fantasy football game that allows players to act as team general managers, make plays, and compete with other teams. In addition to the free-to-play mode, users can also buy, sell, and trade individual NFL players, as NFTs, via Mythical’s online marketplace.

These NFTs come with an assigned rarity level and unique strengths and weaknesses, with prices ranging from under $8 for a “common” player to tens of thousands of dollars for a “legendary” character NFT. The developer has obtained full licensing for the NFL characters and teams, enabling players to create their preferred player rosters.

Mythical Games’ CEO, John Linden, stated that NFL Rivals was created with a younger audience in mind, particularly the Gen Z demographic. The game features a fast-paced art style and gameplay, with the principles of Web3 integral to the experience.

Linden has high expectations for NFL Rivals and predicts that the game, alongside planned titles and a Blankos Block Party expansion, will attract more than 10 million players this year.

Migrating to Polkadot

Having raised over $50 million for web3 game development earlier this year, Mythical Games is now planning to migrate its game platform from a private Ethereum-compatible network to Polkadot, which they refer to as the “Mythos Superchain.” Linden added that this move would improve the scalability and interoperability of Mythical’s gaming ecosystem.

Linden is confident that the Polkadot blockchain can support large-scale gaming audiences. The company will use Polkadot’s layer 0 protocol to create its own “parachain”, which utilizes a shared security model.

Parity Technologies, the crypto firm driving Polkadot’s development, is excited about this decision. Parity CEO Bjorn Wagner believes that the NFL and Mythical Games joining Polkadot validates the appeal of building decentralized communities and competing with centralized institutions.

Linden believes that the company’s partnership with tech giants Apple and Google will also play a key role in normalizing Web3 gaming. He sees this collaboration as a way to facilitate the transition for future developers in the space, and the release couldn’t have come at a better time with Apple now being forced to drop the 30% tax on NFT sales in its store.

While Dapper Labs has already made strides in this direction with NBA Top Shot, Linden feels that there is still significant untapped potential in the field.

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