Next Earth Launches The First Ever Metaverse Gift Card To Expand its Services

Next Earth Launches The First Ever Metaverse Gift Card To Expand its Services

Next Earth, a metaverse project that replicates the planet Earth in the virtual world, has announced the issuance of the first gift card to be used within the metaverse.

Gift Card Enabling Extra Access to an Earth-Like Metaverse

The company made the announcement on Thursday, November 24, via a press release. The web3 platform stated that the metaverse Gift Card is another initiative that would encourage more users to join and explore the opportunities inherent to the metaverse. 

Next Earth, which is building one of the most prominent web3 platforms made to be an exact replica of the Earth, stated that it has been exploring ways to bridge the gap between everyday living and interaction with the digital world. The release by the company said that the Next Earth Gift Card would come in handy, enabling greater access to the virtual space built by Next Earth.

Gabor Rétfalvi, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Next Earth, said that the company’s objective is to make the metaverse cheaper and readily available for people willing to do business or find leisure in it. Rétfalvi highlighted that the platform is giving users value in several ways. He added that the Gift Card would help onboard several more users:

“Our vision is to open up the metaverse to everybody, by making it accessible and affordable. We are building a complex and equitable ecosystem on Next Earth, in which every user will be able to benefit from the values created on the platform. With the recently launched Metaverse Land Gift Card we aim to onboard a massive number of new users,”

$12 Million Sold in Virtual Land

The team behind Next Earth describes the project as one of the biggest metaverses replicating the earth. Launched in the summer of 2021, the platform boasts 300,000 registered users and 50,000 members who are landowners within the metaverse.

The project has generated over $12 million from the sale of virtual lands. The virtual lands can all be minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Rétfalvi said that land ownership within Next Earth confers endless opportunities for the user as the assets grow in value down the line. He said this is due to the platform’s well-thought-out developmental roadmap. The CEO mentioned some of the benefits and features of Next Earth land ownership:

“Owning land on Next Earth brings endless possibilities thanks to the developments which will be rolled out until the end of the year. Users will be able to link their metaverse lands to their existing website, they will be able to build their own businesses on them, or even create a brand new layer on the surface of Earth.”

Upcoming Development in Next Earth Metaverse

According to Gabor Rétfalvi, the most beneficial feature of the Next Earth metaverse is that it replicates the real earth, giving businesses greater value in participation.

The CEO also said that the next phase in the platform’s development involves the release of its developer Application Programming Interface (API). This enables third-party development of applications and utilities to build within the metaverse. He said that the developer portal would add a suite of exciting features to the project.

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