New YouTube CEO is bullish on Web3 tech, including NFTs and the metaverse

New YouTube CEO is bullish on Web3 tech, including NFTs and the metaverse

After seven years of serving as YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan has been appointed as the new CEO of the Google-owned streaming platform, succeeding Susan Wojcicki. Mohan’s new role is expected to be beneficial for enthusiasts of Web3 technologies, as he has previously shown interest in integrating NFTs and the metaverse into the platform.

YouTube – Time for new leadership

Wojcicki, in her resignation blog post, applauded Mohan for his significant contribution to the launch of YouTube TV and YouTube Music. She also praised his comprehensive knowledge of the product, business, creator, and user communities, as well as employees, calling him a “terrific leader.” Wojcicki expressed her admiration for YouTube’s “incredible leadership team.”

Mohan has demonstrated a willingness to embrace the transformation of the internet and its various platforms. He previously expressed YouTube’s interest in incorporating Web3 technology, such as NFTs and the metaverse, in a blog post. Mohan believes that blockchain and NFTs could facilitate creators in forming stronger bonds with their followers and fostering novel forms of collaboration.

Google and Blockchain

According to Mohan, although the term “metaverse” was introduced by Neal Stephenson in 1992, the technology is still in its nascent stage. Nevertheless, ventures such as The Sandbox and Decentraland have already utilized blockchain to establish ownership of virtual property and other digital assets. Additionally, Google has increased its focus on Web3 solutions, unveiling the Blockchain Node Engine, a cloud-based service intended for Ethereum developers and projects.

The Blockchain Node Engine not only manages and hosts individual nodes that support blockchain networks but also ensures the digital assets industry’s reliability, performance, and security, according to Google. Additionally, Google intends to extend its Blockchain Node Engine to the Solana Blockchain during the first quarter of this year.

Web3 enthusiasts taking leadership roles

Several of YouTube’s staff members have shown a strong interest in Web3, including Ryan Wyatt, the former Global Head of Gaming who departed YouTube to take on the role of CEO at Polygon Studios in February 2022. Wyatt believes there are similarities between YouTube and Polygon, a sidechain that operates in tandem with Ethereum and offers expedited transactions and lower fees while also serving as a platform for interoperable blockchains.

The fact that Mohan is keenly interested in Web3 technology is encouraging news for YouTube creators who are exploring NFTs and the metaverse to enrich their content and foster stronger bonds with their followers. By leveraging NFTs, creators can potentially offer their fans one-of-a-kind videos, photos, artwork, and other exclusive experiences.

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