New Minecraft server lets players earn Bitcoin

New Minecraft server lets players earn Bitcoin

One of the world’s most beloved video games, Minecraft, now offers its players the chance to earn Bitcoin. This recent integration has been orchestrated by Bitcoin-focused payments startup, Zebedee, in partnership with the Satlantis Minecraft server.

Bitcoin-friendly server

The Satlantis server, operated by Bitcoin enthusiasts, has implemented Zebedee’s Lightning Network-enabled gaming technology.

The innovative feature allows players to earn Bitcoin while playing and works seamlessly with Minecraft’s Java edition on computers. Players can transfer their Bitcoin rewards into the ZBD wallet app, available on both iOS and Android devices.

The integration, however, is not officially endorsed by Minecraft’s developer, Mojang, or its publisher, Microsoft. Despite this, the Satlantis server continues to be a hub for cryptocurrency fanatics, offering gameplay inspired by Bitcoin mining and the opportunity to increase your in-game “hash rate” for improved Bitcoin winnings.

Zebedee has had its fair share of success integrating its gaming technology into other games, most notably Valve’s squad-based shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Modest returns

Prize winnings in Satlantis, however, are modest. The server gives out more than 1 million satoshis per week, as reported by Zebedee. A satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, comprises 1% of a Bitcoin. At the current rate, the weekly giveaway amounts to just over $300.

Low rewards are common among games and apps offering prizes for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Not the first Minecraft adventure into Web3

It is not the first try Minecraft unofficial servers integrate Bitcoin earnings. A server called BitQuest, now discontinued, previously allowed players to discover and collect Bitcoin. Furthermore, several Minecraft servers have experimented with NFT and crypto integrations.

However, Microsoft, the game’s publisher, has shown its intentions to regulate such integrations. In July 2022, it announced plans to ban NFTs from all Minecraft servers, stating that NFT-based features are divisive and create disparities within the community.

Despite the announcement, Microsoft has yet to formally update Minecraft’s terms and conditions to implement this ban. In June 2023, a Microsoft representative confirmed that the ban is still planned but gave no further information.

The looming ban has already caused some fan-run servers and projects to alter their course. For instance, NFT Worlds, a project selling NFT-based land plots for Minecraft, decided to establish its own game.

Minecraft’s announcement about the planned ban also mentioned “other blockchain technologies,” which might include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Let’s hope that the Satlantis server remains safe, unscathed by the looming Minecraft crypto ban.

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