HV-MTL Forge season 6 under scrutiny: Rising tensions amidst new battle rewards

HV-MTL Forge season 6 under scrutiny: Rising tensions amidst new battle rewards

The recent launch of Season 6 for HV-MTL Forge brought in a new patch with additional features and challenges. However, feedback from the Yuga Labs community has been varied, with some members voicing specific concerns regarding the lack of rewards. Heeding its player base, Yuga Labs was quick to change the reward structure.

HV-MTL Season 6: What’s new?

As the calendar flipped to October 12, gaming enthusiasts were treated to the launch of Season 6 in HV-MTL Forge. A notable highlight is the introduction of the “Rift Boss” mode. Once toggled on, players can brace themselves to face their mightiest opponent yet. Scattered Seals within the Biomes can be broken, leading to a weakened shield and battery of the Rift Boss.

Entering the Rift Boss Arena, players face a defining battle where there’s no turning back. Once inside, the player either triumphs or meets a daunting defeat.

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Rift Boss (Source: hv-mtl.com)

For those emerging victorious, Shards drop, with the total number collected throughout Season 6 determining a player’s position on the Shard Leaderboard.

Players should note that the Vote Leaderboard awards S6 AMP. Meanwhile, the newly introduced Rift Boss Leaderboard offers an extra bonus AMP. Understanding these differences is vital for HV-MTL Forge participants as they adapt and gear up for the upcoming game developments.

The rift between expectation and reality

Amidst the dynamic updates and challenges of Season 6, there’s a palpable sense of dissatisfaction within the Yuga Labs community. Players feel that after dedicating 18 weeks and investing considerable amounts of Apecoin ($APE) in gameplay enhancements, the rewards simply don’t match the effort.

As mentioned by @ItzBermuda, 18 weeks of grinding only to defeat a boss quickly and then having to repeat the process hundreds of times to make little progress is frustrating.

Another vocal critique emerged from a @OGDfarmer, stating that rewards seem like a bad joke.

Yuga Labs introduces new $APE rewards

While the updates in Season 6 are undeniably exciting, it’s paramount for the game developers to heed the voice of their dedicated community. Wordplay aside, reading the room is crucial, which is what Yuga Labs did.

According to a recent tweet, over 150,000 $APE tokens will be distributed across the top 10 finishers of the Rift Boss leaderboard.

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