Netflix original series creator takes on the cosmos with launch of web3 gaming app

Netflix original series creator takes on the cosmos with launch of web3 gaming app

Astrolucha has announced the expansion of their cosmic superhero universe into the gaming realm with the launch of the Astrolucha web app. Astrolucha describes itself as a web3 fight club of interstellar superheroes designed to fund, produce, and distribute independent creators. The launch follows the release of their first digital collectibles in early December.

Astrolucha’s fight club

The new web-based game, with plans for mobile, is based on Astrolucha’s cosmic superheroes, which are modeled after the luchadores culture. The game will allow players to battle against each other using their unique characters, with the goal of becoming the ultimate champion of the universe. Astrolucha is also offering exclusive rewards and bonuses for early adopters of the game.

Astrolucha aims to disrupt the legacy of Hollywood financing and storytelling through the use of Web3 technology. The company is a community of creative individuals, many of whom come from marginalized communities. Astrolucha helps fund independent creators and accepts a variety of creative projects, including comics, podcasts, films, and games. The goal of Astrolucha is to create unique content and become a Web3 distribution platform for creatives at the next stage of their careers.

The upcoming gaming title from Astrolucha is a testament to the company’s commitment to its vision. Astrolucha is dedicated to supporting creatives and empowering new forms of creativity. By using Web3 technology, the company hopes to challenge the traditional power systems of Hollywood and provide a new avenue for creators to share their work.

Moisés Zamora, the creator of the hit Netflix series Selena, founded Astrolucha along with Ivón Rodríguez, an experienced entertainment and fintech executive. Together, they have built a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about supporting independent creatives. Astrolucha offers a new way for creators to share their work and connect with audiences, and the upcoming gaming title is just one example of the company’s dedication to this mission.

By using Web3 technology and supporting independent creators, the company hopes to create a new ecosystem for storytelling that empowers creatives and provides a platform for unique, curative content.

Astrolucha’s first NFT collection

Astrolucha’s first NFT collection features a roaster of hand-drawn superheroes created by 16 artists. The unique art style of each artist adds to the overall flavor of the collection. By holding an Astrolucha NFT, users will be able to participate in the aforementioned one-on-one game and submit their own projects to the DAO for community voting and funding.

In addition to this, Astrolucha NFT holders will have access to exclusive experiences, such as premiers, artist and filmmaker panels, and merchandise. They may also be able to take advantage of IP (Intellectual Property) licensing deals and win prizes.

Overall, Astrolucha offers a diverse and exciting collection of digital art, as well as a range of exclusive benefits for NFT holders. Whether you’re a fan of the art or interested in the potential rewards of holding an NFT, you can check out the current Astrolucha auction on OpenSea.

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