NBA Top Shot will enable NFT purchases through the Android and iOS App Stores

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NBA Top Shot will enable NFT purchases through the Android and iOS App Stores

NBA Top Shot aficionados can now acquire non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using the platform’s mobile application, accessible via Apple’s iOS App Store and Google’s Android Play Store.

Making life easier for NBA and NFT fans

The move provides users with an on-the-go option for purchasing digital collectibles and marks the beginning of parent company Dapper Labs’ transition towards a mobile-first Web3 enterprise.

While the app’s initial iteration will offer limited functionality, additional features are expected to be added in the future. Jennifer van Dijk, Dapper Labs’ Senior VP of Sports Partnerships, noted that the company is collaborating with Apple and Google to determine the most appropriate course of action and will be forthcoming about any applicable fees.

Van Dijk acknowledged the past challenges associated with purchasing and selling NFTs via mobile apps due to the fees imposed by Apple and Google. Nevertheless, she expressed that both companies are keen on exploring this domain with the appropriate partners and experiences.

Improving user experience for mobile users

The NBA Top Shot app aims to fill the gap between Web3 interactions and a larger community of smartphone users. Despite receiving up to 75% of its traffic from mobile web, NBA Top Shot’s clientele has faced obstacles in acquiring and managing NFTs through mobile browsers.

Dapper Labs is striving to shift its focus to mobile after downsizing 22% of its workforce in November 2022, a response to market conditions amidst the downturn of the NFT and cryptocurrency industries. Van Dijk stated that the company aspires to collaborate with partners to revolutionize mobile app market rules in order to create a more Web3-compatible atmosphere, which the company envisions as its desired outcome.

While acknowledging the challenges of buying and selling NFTs through mobile apps, Van Dijk emphasized the company’s commitment to ensuring fair prices for fans. The NBA Top Shot mobile app aspires to facilitate peer-to-peer trades between users on its platform, despite the transaction fees charged by Apple and Google for in-app purchases.

Van Dijk also acknowledged the difficulties faced by Web3 startups and emphasized the importance of following existing mobile app marketplace rules while gradually advocating for regulations that are more compatible with Web3.

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