NBA champion Scottie Pippen to launch new NFT virtual sneakers 

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NBA champion Scottie Pippen to launch new NFT virtual sneakers 

Scottie Pippen, a former NBA player known for his six championship wins while playing for the Chicago Bulls, has announced a new collection of virtual sneakers in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Scottie Pippen launches new NFT collection of virtual sneakers

This collection will be launched tomorrow, January 4th, and is Pippen’s latest metaverse project, following the release of a similar virtual sneaker collection which sold out in seconds after launching in December of 2022. The project comes as a partnership with Orange Comet, an NFT promotional and digital assets incubation studio.

The previous collection, “Scottie Pippen SP33”, which featured a limited edition of 1,000 virtual sneakers, celebrated Pippen’s career from the beginning of his time as a basketball player to his famous days with the Chicago Bulls. 

Pippen’s upcoming collection is expected to be popular following the success of the previous release. In a January 2 blog post, Pippen stated that the new virtual sneakers will be a way to continue celebrating his career and ring in the new year.

Scottie Pippen’s previous NFT collection sold out in seconds

Two weeks ago, Scottie Pippen, dropped his NFT collection called “Scottie Pippen SP33.” The NFTs launched by the basketball veteran sold out within 77 seconds of going live on December 20th. These NFTs will be compatible with metaverse and games, allowing them to be worn in various virtual environments.

In addition to the NFTs, each purchaser received Orange Comet’s 3D animations and a “mystery box” that will unlock in 2023 and contain digital art. A total of 33 randomly chosen buyers will also receive physical, autographed sneakers from Pippen, and 33 other randomly chosen buyers will receive a QR code with a $100 discount for sneaker lifestyle brands.

The mint price for the NFTs was 0.20 ETH, and currently, the floor price of the Pippen NFT is 0.29 ETH on OpenSea. Pippen also plans to invite two NFT holders to play in a special round of golf with him and treat one fortunate buyer to a VIP dinner and tour of his hometown.

The name of the collection is a reference to Pippen’s jersey number. To honor his former jersey number “33” and the significant role it played in his career, Scottie Pippen’s number was retired by the Chicago Bulls on December 9, 2005, during halftime of a game against the L.A. Lakers. It was the fourth jersey to ever be retired by the team.

As Pippen’s virtual sneaker collections have proven to be in high demand, it is likely that the upcoming release will sell out quickly as well. Pippen’s fans and collectors of NFTs will want to keep an eye out for the launch on January 4th. 

Pippen’s foray into the world of virtual sneakers is not the only one, as big brands like Nike have also created their own NFT collections. In fact, the demand for these collections has been considerable, with collectors and fans alike seeking out unique and rare digital items to add to their collections.

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