National Geographic is set to launch Genesis NFT On Snowcrash

National Geographic is set to launch Genesis NFT On Snowcrash

This week, National Geographic announced plans to launch its first non-fungible token (NFT) collection.

GM: Daybreak Around The World

The Genesis NFT collection will be launched on Snowcrash, a Web3 platform that launched its service last year. The platform, which helps creators publish and share digital collectibles with their followers and the wider community, said that the National Geographic Genesis NFT collection, titled “GM: Daybreak Around The World”, will be dropped on January 17.

A statement from National Geographic said that the Snowcrash mint site is live. This is where the 16 iconic photographs taken at dawn around the world would be sold as non-fungible.

1888 commemorative Genesis NFTs

The details of the Genesis collection from National Geographic show a total of 1888 NFTs, featured as a commemorative event on the 135th anniversary of the founding of National Geographic.

According to information available on the Snowcrash website, the inaugural edition of the National Geographic NFT is intended to make a statement of the resolution of the organization to keep up with its vision of telling stories in a peculiar and innovative manner in the next 135 years.

“The Collection signifies that in the next 135 years Nat Geo will push the boundaries of innovative storytelling further, promote access and inclusivity, uplift our creators and photography as a powerful medium to tell impactful stories,” said the mint website.

Illuminating the wonder of our World

National Geographic seeks to ‘Illuminate the Wonder of our World’ by showcasing images captured by photographers and digital art creators associated with the company. According to the mint site, the channel to accomplish this is Web3.

The 16 photographs that formed the basis of the NFTs are the works of digital artists and photographers such as Justin Aversano’s “A Good Morning at the top of Mt. Sinai” and  Delphine Diallo’s “Uprising”

To participate in the January 17 drop, collectors are advised to join the community at Snowcrash ahead of the upcoming primary sale. The secondary sale will begin 48 hours after the primary sale commences. NFT Reveal will be initiated by Snowcrash 48 hours following the beginning of minting or 5 hours after they’ve been sold out.

Exploring narratives using web3

It is interesting to note that not all the creators of GM: Daybreak Around the World are veterans of web3 space. However, they all contributed to the project by telling unique stories via the media they traditionally work with.

“Some are sharing traditional documentary images, while others are exploring the narrative opportunities that the medium and format provide” said a statement from National Geographic.

Other contributing creators, as shared by the organization, are Jimmy Chin, Yagazie Emezi, Mia Forrest, and more.

Collectors can buy the NFTs using their credit cards even if they do not own cryptocurrencies. The NFTs will be minted on Polygon, the most used layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum.

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