Mythical Games brings Blankos Block Party game to mobile

Mythical Games brings Blankos Block Party game to mobile

Mythical Games announced it is bringing its popular title, Blankos Block Party, to mobile phones. This announcement comes on the heels of the successful launch of NFL Rivals, a game that marked a pioneering collaboration between Mythical Games and the  National Football League (NFL).

Blankos Block Party coming to Android and iOS

Blankos Block Party, originally a PC-exclusive game, offers a unique blend of Web2 and Web3 features. This balance, also available on NFL Rivals, allows players to make in-app purchases without delving into the complexities of cryptocurrencies or Mythical Games’ specific tokens. It also ensures compliance with major app store policies.

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Source: Mythical Games Blog

The shift to mobile for Blankos Block Party comes with challenges, including a diverse player base interested in its mix of shooting and racing activities. According to John Linden, the CEO of Mythical Games, the move to mobile is a potential game-changer:

“High acquisition costs have been a concern,” said Linden, “but we believe a mobile-first strategy will be a game-changer.”

Mythical Games at the forefront of Web3 gaming

Mythical Games has carved out a niche in building “player-owned” economies within their gaming worlds. The startup, led by industry experts responsible for developing powerhouse franchises like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, raised $37 million in a Series C1 funding round in June. The round was led by Scytale Digital and included participants like Andreessen Horowitz and Ark Invest.

NFL Rivals made headlines in August as the first NFL-licensed game to incorporate blockchain technology. Since launching on mobile platforms, the game has amassed nearly 2.5 million downloads and boasts a user base exceeding 2 million active users.

App store compliance

“We’ve been emphatic about complying with the app store rules of both Apple and Google, especially given Apple’s more stringent policies, (…) We’ve shared important statistics to demonstrate that Web3 elements are not detrimental to their platforms,” – John Linden

Mythical Games’ “gamers-first” approach is reflected in its in-game Marketplace. Players can use virtual currency for purchases obtained through in-app buys. This arrangement allows app stores to collect a standard 30% fee while keeping the virtual currency strictly for in-game use.

The company has navigated cautiously in a market where Web3 games have previously been stymied. Google Play has been explicit about its rules against certain Web3 games, but Mythical Games has managed to collaborate effectively with the platform.

The game’s approval on Apple’s App Store, albeit experimental, is noteworthy due to Apple’s typically opaque stance on Web3 games. Surprisingly, NFL Rivals was even featured on the front page of the App Store as the “Game of the Day”.

Replicating the success of NFL Rivals

NFL Rivals’ performance has provided a blueprint for success. It has demonstrated the viability of Web3 elements in enhancing player engagement and in-game economics. According to Linden, the success of NFL Rivals is fueling Mythical Games’ plans to revamp Blankos Block Party with a mobile-first approach. This move will also ensure cross-play compatibility across different platforms.

In the bigger picture, Mythical Games is bullish on the future of Web3 in gaming. The company is on track to add almost a million new players per month. “We’re approaching a ‘hockey stick moment’ in the adoption curve of Web3 gaming,” Linden noted, indicating an impending period of rapid growth and broader acceptance in the industry.

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