Mystic Moose will transform static NFTs into fully-fledged 3D models

Mystic Moose will transform static NFTs into fully-fledged 3D models

Web3 gaming studio Mystic Moose is revolutionizing the non-fungible token (NFT) industry by introducing a novel feature that lets users convert their static NFTs into dynamic, real-time 3D models. This groundbreaking innovation enables users to showcase their individual styles fully and opens up several customization options.

Converting standard NFTs into 3D models

Mojo Melee, the latest addition to Mystic Moose’s product line, represents a momentous leap in the NFT gaming realm. As the inaugural Web3 game employing authentic 3D models and animations as virtual collectibles, Mojo Melee is set to transform the landscape of NFT-based gaming.

Mike Levine, the CEO of Mystic Moose, believes that this innovation has the potential to tackle one of the most significant concerns that game developers and enthusiasts have raised regarding NFT ownership.

Gamers will now have the unprecedented ability to tinker and revamp their blockchain-based digital collections with limitless imagination and flair. According to Levine, this represents the natural progression of NFTs in gaming. Since most games are developed in 3D, it follows that NFT collectibles should also be in 3D format.

Following Mystic Moose’s triumph with their Champion Chest mint on Magic Eden, the studio released the initial phase of their 3D collectibles yesterday, March 16. The chests feature four fresh Planet Mojo Champions, complete with dynamic 3D models and animations.

Exploring the 3D models

Users can conveniently rotate, zoom in, and zoom out on the files to observe the models from any perspective, using marketplaces like OpenSea. Possessing the Champions entitles players to employ them instantly in Mojo Melee and all forthcoming games from Planet Mojo. Moreover, in the upcoming months, all extant Champion NFTs will be transformed into 3D models too.

The “mod-able” 3D Mojos are highly customizable and players can fashion them in a distinct manner with new items and collectibles, rendering them completely player-owned. Players can select from an array of clothing options such as hats, shirts, glasses, costumes, and more to craft each Mojo to their personal taste. These dress-up items will be visible during gameplay in Mojo Melee, allowing the Mojos to battle in style alongside the champions.

Mystic Moose has further plans to provide creator programs and other resources for its community. By granting players access to their 3D assets, the studio is relinquishing a great deal of power to its user base. The shift towards 3D assets is also a natural progression for gaming NFTs, which had conventionally been limited to static, image-based assets.

The Planet Mojo mint event hosted by Magic Eden exceeded their expectations, leaving them overjoyed. Chris Akhavan, the Chief Gaming Officer at Magic Eden, expressed his admiration for this pioneering move in the gaming NFT sector and welcomed the innovation by web3 trailblazers.

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